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We are specialist Family Law Solicitors. We use our experience to give our clients good advice. This helps them to make good and informed decisions about their particular Family Law related problems. These can include problems of Separation and Divorce, Child Arrangements or Social Services cases.

My mediation experience can also assist my clients to negotiate successfully, whether in mediation or otherwise. We represent clients in Court cases arising from their family law problems.

From this page you can follow links to find out more about different aspects of Family Law and about finding solutions to family law problems.There is also some information about us, including my track record and our values.

Our main office is in Honiton in East Devon, but we also have branch offices in Exeter and Taunton, where we are able to see clients by appointment.  We aim to combine experience and effectiveness with value for money.

We are Family Law Solicitors in Honiton, We are Family Law Solicitors in Exeter and we are also Family Law Solicitors in Taunton. We try to be where you need us.

These pages look at what services we offer from a Legal perspective. You may also wish to look at the pages on Family Mediation

When we meet new clients we will discuss with them whether they wish to instruct us as Family Mediators or as Family Law Solicitors. This is a very important decision. Once we are instructed as a Mediator we cannot act in a legal capacity or give legal advice. Equally after we have been instructed to act as a Solicitor, we cannot be a neutral Mediator.

At the first meeting we will discuss the different processes and the pros and cons of each.

I believe that being a mediator gives me skills that make me a better family solicitor. Being a practicing Family Law Solicitor gives me up to date knowledge and skills which makes me a better mediator. By being able to offer both mediation and a Family Law Solicitor service in the same practice helps me to assist clients find the best process for them and their family.

Depending on what you decide about which process you wish is best for you, we are able to signpost you toward other service providers. The advantage of having worked in Devon for 15 years and of being on the Committee of Devon Resolution for eight years including three as Chair, is that I know a great many of the family law solicitors in Devon and where I am not able to act for you myself, I am able to make a good referral.

I have a long track record showing a commitment to progressive legal practice and Family Dispute Resolution. In many ways legal practice is slowly catching up with my way of thinking;

  • I was a member of the national Family Law Committee of the Law Society between 2003 and 2007. The Committee is responsible for representing the Solicitors on issues of law reform and in seeking good practice.
  • I was elected by fellow Solicitors as the Chair of the Devon Resolution in 2009. I stood down in 2012. Before this I was Treasurer. Most specialist family law solicitors in Devon are members of Resolution.
  • I trained as a mediator in 1996. I was one of the first Mediators to be accredited as a mediator by Resolution. I am now an Accredited Mediator through the Law Society. I am a supervisor of other mediators and am approved to undertake direct consultation with children within mediation. I was trained as a mediator by Henry Brown and Felicity White, who were two of the founders of the Family Mediators Association (FMA). The FMA pioneered the use of mediation to resolve financial disputes arising from divorce in the UK.
  • In 2012 I was elected by fellow mediators to be a member of the Governing Board of the Family Mediators Association.
  • I was the first Solicitor in Exeter and East Devon to be accredited by Resolution as an Accredited Specialist Family Law Solicitor in 2000, after the scheme was introduced.
  • I have been a member of the Law Society Children Panel since 1996 and have dealt with hundreds of complex cases.
  • When I first heard about Collaborative Family Law in 2003, I liked the idea so much that I persuaded Resolution to run one of the first Collaborative Law training courses in the UK in Devon and I persuaded enough colleagues to train so the course was viable to be run.
  • I was first included in the Chambers Directory as a leader in the field of family law in 1998.
  • In 2002 I was one of a small group of Solicitors invited by the Legal Services Commission to take part in a research project looking at ways of promoting more constructive approaches toward divorce. I later had my own work independently quality assessed through a pilot of a Peer review scheme and achieved one of the best outcomes in Exeter.
  • In 2000 I was a Co-founder of the Exeter Solicitors Domestic Violence Legal Advice Line (DVLAL) which ran for several years but is sadly now defunct.
  • Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors is a trading name of my company which is called Family Law and Mediation Limited 

There is lots of useful information on this website. However reading information on websites is no substitute for talking to a specialist and getting specific advice and assistance!

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