Divorce Solicitors in Exeter

Divorce Solicitors in Exeter

Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors are leading Divorce Solicitors in Exeter

Our team of Divorce Solicitors Exeter includes; Ian Walker (Our founder and former Partner with Tozers), David Howell-Richardson (Former Partner and Head of Family Law with Stones and Trowers and Hamlin Solicitors), Kim Stradling (Former Partner and Head of Family Law with Everys Solicitors) and Sandy Powell (Former Partner and Head of Family Law with Dunn and Baker Solicitors).

Between us we have assisted many Exeter families with their Divorces and with solutions to their divorce-related family Law problems. Ian Walker and David Howell-Richardson are also Accredited Family Mediators. Sandy also trained as a Mediator in the 1990’s but no longer practices as a mediator

Progressive Divorce Solicitors Exeter

Ian Walker brought Collaborative Family Law to Devon in the mid 2000’s when he arranged the training of Devon’s initial Collaborative Family Lawyers. Collaborative Law Family Law is a bit like mediation is that it is a voluntary process of negotiation. Instead of using a neutral mediator, the clients and their solicitors sign an agreement not to have a contested court process, but instead reach agreement through a series of 4 way meetings. This can work very well for the right couples. Ian, David and Kim all trained as Collaborative family solicitors and we are happy to offer this option to clients.

With mediation being an important part of our practice and understanding fully its pros and cons and how it can benefit clients, we are normally happy to refer our legal clients to a small panel of independent mediators who we trust. We use our knowledge of mediation to advise these clients how to make best use of the mediation process.

Ian is also a Family Arbitrator and member of the Institute of Family Arbitrators (IFLA). An arbitrator is a private judge. With arbitration, clients agree that they cannot agree issues and that they need someone to make a decision for them. A process is agreed with the arbitrator which is tailored to the couple. This can be simply written submissions or can be a meeting. Mediation financial disclosure can be reused. At the end of the process the Arbitrator will make a legally binding determination.

Arbitration should be quicker and cheaper than a formal court process. It also fits well with mediation. We have developed an innovative mediation with arbitration scheme. We are also happy to assist clients through an arbitration process.

There are always options. Resolving Divorce shouldn’t simply be a choice between expensive court proceedings or negotiation by long and costly and slow solicitors letters. Progressive practice is about finding the best way to achieve a good outcome but avoiding delay and unnecessary costs.

Resolution Divorce Solicitors Exeter

We are committed members of family solicitors organisation – Resolution, which has been a big driver of progressive practice.

Ian Walker is now in his third 3 year term as the elected Chair of the Devon Region of Resolution. He also sits on its national Dispute Resolution Committee. Ian has in past years also served as a member of the national Law Society Family  Law Committee and as a Trustee of the Family Mediators Association.

To find out about the code of practice of Resolution, follow this link; Resolution Code of Practice

Open about our charges and Divorce Solicitors Costs

We are Divorce Solicitors in Exeter who are open about charges. Unlike most solicitors we publish our charge rates on our website. We have been doing this since we opened.

Within the charges section of this site you will also find our fair charging policy, which explains how we work out our charges and why we do not employ “smart pricing”.

We maximise our use of technology and have a flexible structure. As a result we consciously pass some savings onto our clients.

Ian Charges £220+ VAT per hour. David, Sandy and Kim charge £200+VAT per hour. A typical charge hourly rate for an experienced Divorce Solicitors in Exeter at Partner level is £250 + VAT to £300 +VAT

You may have questions such as: What questions to ask a divorce solicitor on first meeting? How much does a divorce cost if it goes to court? How much does a divorce cost if both parties agree? We have created an FAQ’s page that can help answer those questions.

Where is our Exeter Law Office?

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Our Exeter branch is:

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