Family Law Solicitors Exeter: An experienced team

Divorce or problems concerning child arrangements or cases brought by social services are often life defining moments. Bad decisions can have immense consequences. Our highly experienced team are her to help you to make good choices and to help you solve problems in a sensible way.

We have one of the most experienced team of expert family solicitors assisting clients in Exeter.

Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors are Family Law Solicitors Exeter

We are a leading team of Family Law Solicitors Exeter. Our team includes a concentration of very experienced lawyers, several of whom have been partners and heads of the family departments at previous practices.

Our team includes; Ian Walker (Our founder and former Partner with Tozers), David Howell-Richardson (Former Partner and Head of Family Law with Stones and Trowers and Hamlin Solicitors), Kim Stradling (Former Partner and Head of Family Law with Everys Solicitors) Fiona Griffin (not pictured)(Former Partner and Head of Family Law with John Hodge Solicitors and previously with Stones) and Sandy Powell (Former Partner and Head of Family Law with Dunn and Baker Solicitors).

Between us we have assisted many Exeter families with solutions to their Family Law problems. Ian Walker and David Howell-Richardson are also Accredited Family Mediators.

Our firm has achieved the Law Society Lexcel Accreditation for practice management.

Some of the team at Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors: Family Law Solicitors Exeter

Our Family Law Services

We offer a full range of Family Law Services, namely;

  • Divorce
  • Financial Cases
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements 
  • Cohabitation Disputes 
  • Child Law
  • Social Services Cases
  • Domestic Abuse


In our Charges Page sets out how we set our charge rates in a very competitive way. This is combined with experience and an outcome focused approach. We are open about costs and publish our charging rates on this website.

We have a strong team and are able to assist clients across Devon and Somerset. We make good use of technology. This includes a cloud based portal for clients to access their own documents.

We use the best available family law library and precedent and practice support service.

We have always published our charge rates on our website. Our culture is to be completely open.

An experienced and sensible approach

But what we offer is much more than about charge rate. It is about having a highly experienced team who are committed to assisting clients in a sensible way.

We are committed members of Resolution and are committed to the Resolution Code of Practice 

Ian Walker is the longstanding Chair of the Devon Region of Resolution (elected by other family lawyers).

Kim Stradling

Sandy Powell Family Law Solicitor Bridgwater

Sandy Powell

Fiona Griffin Divorce Lawyer Brigwater

Fiona Griffin

David Howell-Richardson Family Law Solicitors Exeter

David Howell-Richardson

Family Law Solicitors Exeter with a long history

We are one of the most experienced team of family solicitors in Exeter. David Howell-Richardson led the family law team at Exeter Solicitors; Stones for many years. (Sandy and Fiona both worked with David at Stones).

Sandy Powell was born and grew up in Exeter. Sandy has worked almost her entire career in Exeter.

Kim Stradling trained as a Solicitor with Linford Brown Solicitors and has assisted Exeter families for her entire career. By comparison, Ian Walker only moved to Exeter in 1999.

Ian Walker founded our practice in 2013.

In 2000, Ian Walker was the first Solicitor in Exeter to achieve the Accredited Specialist Family Solicitor standard with Resolution. Link to find a member of Resolution including Collaborative Family Lawyers and Accredited Specialists

In 2005, Ian Walker also arranged introduced Collaborative Family Law to Devon and to Exeter.

Ian Walker is the long serving Chair of the Devon Region of Resolution. He is now in his third 3 year term in office. He was elected and re-elected by fellow family solicitors.

Some of our testimonials

“We would like to thank you for the masterful way in which you have dealt with this matter on our behalf. It has certainly not been easy or smooth running…”

“We had a visit from social services on Tuesday and they have decided that no more visits will be needed. We are so happy and wanted to thank you for everything.”

“Ian is a very committed and hardworking solicitor with a passion for child law in particular. He deals with cases in a holistic way putting his clients’ interests first. He is also proactive in advancing law reform.”

“This case was taken on a short notice due to another solicitors firm being ineffectual. The case progressed swiftly with your support and excellent advice was given leading to the right outcomes for the child”.

Legal Aid

We are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency and can assist clients with relevant cases. Mainly this is when a case is brought by Social Services.

Family Law Solicitors in Exeter and FAINS

In 2002 the Legal Services Commission (now the Legal Aid Agency) undertook a research project looking at the practice of Family Law.

A handful of Solicitors were asked to take part in the pre-pilot stage of the project. Ian was one of them. When the full pilot got underway, a few more family law solicitors Exeter including Sandy and David were asked to join in.

Later on these family law solicitors Exeter were used to pilot a quality assurance system involving other experienced Family Law Solicitors independently reviewing their files to check the quality of work. Ian’s files were looked at and received one of the top marks.

Family Law Solicitors in Exeter City Centre

We family law solicitors Southernhay Exeter. We are conveniently located in central Exeter.

Our Exeter Branch is located in Southernhay Gardens

The Senate

Third Floor

Southernhay Gardens

Exeter, EX1 1UG

Telephone: 01392 409035.

Our Family Law Solicitors Exeter are available to see clients by appointment.


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