Mediation Service in Exeter

Law Society Accredited Family Mediation

Our Family Mediation Exeter team consists of David Howell-Richardson and Ian Walker. Both are practicing solicitors and accredited as family mediators by the Law Society.

Ian is also accredited by Family Mediation Council, but we take the view that the Law Society Accreditation scheme is the more rigorous.

Highly experienced family mediation Exeter

David Howell Richardson and Ian Walker both trained as family mediators in the 1990’s. David was trained by Lisa Parkinson, who was one of the founders of the Family Mediators Association and a family mediation pioneer.

Ian was trained as a family mediator by Henry Brown and Felicity White, who were two of the other five founders of the Family Mediators Association. Henry Brown also trained Ian as a civil/commercial mediator and how to use the civil mediation model (which is different to the family model) in family cases. Henry Brown is co-author of the leading academic textbook on mediation: ADR: Principles and Practice and is arguably the most important person in the growth of mediation in the UK. He has also told Ian more than once how much he likes our website.

Ian Walker is also a supervisor of other Family Mediators (PPC), a former Trustee of the Family Mediators Association, a member of the Devon and Somerset Law Society Mediation Panel and a current member of Resolution’s Dispute Resolution Committee (a national committee).

Specialising in divorce finance mediation

Family Mediation Exeter is a good way of reaching agreement on financial issues when there is a divorce. To make agreements binding, there still needs to be a Court Order approved by a Judge. After a financial family mediation has concluded our mediators can then prepare the financial order if instructed by both clients as a solicitor to act on a neutral basis.

Ian Walker and David Howell-Richardson both represent clients in divorce finance cases acting as solicitors. This means that when acting as neutral mediators we can provide up to date legal information on a neutral basis. We are well placed to ensure that clients have addressed all the matters they need to and decisions are robust.

We are flexible about how we work and offer full or part day mediation with each client bringing their solicitor, or if issues are narrowed but not resolved then assisting clients to instruct an Arbitrator (a private Judge) who will then make a legally binding determination.

Specialising in complex children mediation

We know from our vast experience that whilst mediation is not always easy, and requires hard work to achieve real change, that family mediation Exeter often offers a better alternative to fighting things out in Court. Children need their parents to work together to make sensible decisions.

The voice of children is always important. Sometimes it is helpful or necessary for children’s voices to be heard in mediation to help their parents to make decisions. When this is the case we are assisted by our Children Consultant; Julie Cornwell, who is an independent social worker with many years experience working for CAFCASS as a Children’s Guardian and Court Reporter.

This means that we mediation is free for those who qualify.

If one person qualifies for Legal Aid, the Legal will pay for the other to have a preliminary meeting to discuss if mediation is suitable.


Our Family Mediation Exeter Service is contracted with the Legal Aid Agency. For those who qualify for Legal Aid, mediation is free (because we are paid by the Legal Aid Agency).

We charge £100 + VAT for the initial Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.

After the initial meeting our charges our based on our hourly charging rates (unless anything else is agreed). This will be discussed at our initial meeting, when we find out what is likely to be involved.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is:

  • Mediator negotiation assisted by a neutral Mediator
  • Mediation is Voluntary
  • Mediation is Confidential
  • Mediation is forward looking and solution focused
  • Mediation is usually cheaper than going to Court

Where is our Family Mediation Exeter Service

Our Family Mediation Exeter Service is located at the Senate, Southernhay Gardens, Exeter – Near to the Court.

Why not give our Family Mediation Exeter service in  a call on; (01392) 248113