Ian Walker

Ian Walker – Founder/ Director/ Solicitor/ Mediator/ Arbitrator

Opportunities for Solicitors and Legal Executives

We always have opportunities for good family lawyers.

Our team is built around its team members.

We think that the best way to deliver family law services is through a niche practice and that clients will for obvious reasons be increasingly attracted to niche practices which have an obvious strength in depth within their team.

Over time we have expanded such that we have locations across the South West, Our business model and IT systems are such that it is viable for us to add additional locations if they can be easily serviced by incoming team members.

This means that we are always open to hearing from family lawyers who want to have the security of working within a large specialist team which is fully committed to all areas of family law work and which is totally committed to the values of Resolution and to providing a legally aided service. This includes lawyers who want to work within our existing location network as well as lawyers who live slightly further afield.

As well as family lawyers who live in or are locating to Devon and Somerset we would also be particularly interested to hear from family lawyers who wish to practice in; Dorset (e.g. Dorchester or Weymouth or perhaps even Bournemouth and Poole), Wiltshire (e.g. Frome or Salisbury), Cornwall and Gloucestershire.

legal 500 leading firm logoWithin our existing network we would also be particularly interested to hear from family lawyers in; Plymouth, Bristol, Bath and Shaftesbury. But we are also happy to speak to candidates from other locations within our network.

We are are also open to hearing from smaller niche practices who would like to be part of a bigger team.

Employed or Consultant?

We have a good mix of employed solicitors/legal executives and consultant solicitors/legal executives. Different working models work better for different individuals.

In both cases we are committed to flexible working and homeworking.

All of our IT is cloud-based. This allowed us to move seamlessly to homeworking as the country moved into the Covid-19 lockdown.

The benefits of being within our team

The benefits of being within our team include:

  • We are run by family lawyers and so we understand and appreciate what each other do.
  • We are Legal 500
  • We have a strong team ethos with lots and lots of experience within our team. Currently six of our lawyers have been partners and heads of the family law teams at other practices.
  • We are one of the largest teams of family lawyers in the south-west and are probably the fastest growing.
  • For those who are employed we offer competitive salaries which include a clear bonus when targets are exceeded.
  • For those who are self-employed we offer a very reasonable fee share but in addition a much higher level of support (including marketing) than others who offer fee share arrangements. Work is distributed based on appropriate experience/location and availability. This means there is no hierarchy where the employed lawyers get new cases before the consultants. We are want clients to be seen quickly by the lawyer with the best skill set for that client.
  • Homeworking and flexible working are very much within the DNA of our practice. We have never owned a server. Our team members are often in the office more often than they need to be – because they enjoy the company of each other.
  • We are committed to the practice of family law in accordance with the principles of Resolution. Our team includes the current Chairs of Devon Region of Resolution and Somerset Region of Resolution and a past Chair of Devon Region of Resolution.
  • We are committed to equal opportunities and to fair pay. For example we are a Real Living Wage Employer. When we take on law graduates it is on the basis that we have agreed with them a route to qualification. Our initial cohort of trainee solicitors who commenced their training in 2019 and 2020 were all the first to go to university in their families.
  • We are dynamic and inclusive practice. If you have good ideas – these won’t be fobbed off or parked with a committee before being forgotten.
  • There is no prospect whatsoever of us surrendering our legal aid contract. (Particularly important if you are a care lawyer!)
  • Most importantly – we all get on with each other and we have a happy workplace. (Which includes a pool table).


Email in confidence

If you are interested in joining us then please send a CV in confidence to me at: ianwalker@familylawandmediation.co.uk

We are very much open to hearing from family lawyers who are slightly beyond our existing office network, as well as from family lawyers who are more local.