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Founded in 2012, Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors is a family law company based in Exeter. We have one of the most experienced teams of lawyers and mediators who specialise in family law matters. We assist clients in Exeter with a vast array of cases, from moving overseas and prenuptial agreements to child law and divorce. We uphold standards of excellence in the practice of family law and mediation, giving you cost-effective, child-focused solutions for your needs.

Our team is led by Ian Walker (our Founder and Former Partner with Tozers Solicitors), David Howell-Richardson (Former Partner and Head of Family Law with Stones and Trowers and Hamlin Solicitors), Kim Stradling (Former Partner and Head of Family Law with Everys Solicitors) and Sandy Powell (Former Partner and Head of Family Law with Dunn and Baker Solicitors). We cannot think of another practice in Devon and Somerset which has as great a concentration of former heads of other family law teams as our practice.

We are a team of expert lawyers who have years of experience dealing with family law cases. It is our duty to offer clear advice and provide excellent service. Book a meeting with one of our lawyers today.

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In addition, all of Ian Walker, David Howell-Richardson, Sandy Powell and Kim Stradling, have been trained as family mediators in the mid to late 1990s. Ian and David both hold current accreditation as Family Law Mediators from the Law Society.

Progressive Family Law Exeter

We are committed to the practice of progressive family law Exeter. By this we mean that our team have many years assisting Exeter families and representing them in Exeter Family Court. We are progressive in that we are solution-focussed. We will support clients through the best process for them, to achieve a fair outcome to their case.

This could be through Ian or David assisting as neutral mediators. This could also be through us providing legal advice and/or representation. When acting as solicitors we assist clients to make the best use of family mediation by advising on how to negotiate and how to structure reasonable proposals; when to give ground and when not to. We assist clients with collaborative family law or to make use of arbitration.

Where appropriate, we represent clients in Court. We aim to offer clients maximum choice of process. Whatever gets to a good and reasonable outcome.

We also practice progressive family law Exeter in that we are open about charges. We publish hourly rates on this website. We are able to offer clients a choice between hourly charging and reasonable fixed fees.  Our hourly rates are competitive with other Solicitors with comparable experience. We make good use of technology and flexible working and office space. We invest in the most important things – i.e. training and subscribing the top legal level practice support service.

Clients want good advice at a fair price, which is what we strive to provide.

We are also contracted with the Legal Aid Agency to offer Legal Aid for family law and for family mediation.

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At Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors, we strive for the best solution for you at all times. We offer advice and assistance for a full range of Family Law Services, namely;

  • Divorce
  • For couples who need legal assistance during the trying time of a divorce, we are here to help. Our team of solicitors has deep knowledge of the law, providing guidance and support when needed.
  • Financial Cases
  • Money can create issues between spouses and within the family. For financial matters and disputes, we have a team that can provide the assistance that you need to resolve those issues.
  • Child Law
  • Dealing with marriage separations is difficult and painful, but even more so when children are involved. We cover any kind of concern or issue that affects children and their well-being.
  • Social Services Cases
  • Through social services, we safeguard and promote the welfare both children and adults who are at risk of harm. Feel free to speak to one of our lawyers – all our cases are private and confidential.
  • Domestic Abuse
  • If you or your loved one is experiencing abuse within the home, do not hesitate to come to us for assistance. Our lawyers handle each case with great care, making sure you feel safe and secure.
  • Collaborative Family Law
  • We assist separating couples in collaborative family law matters should they decide to achieve a settlement that meets their needs or their children’s. Talk to a solicitor for legal support today.
  • Family Mediation
  • If you need to sort out child maintenance payments, housing finances or custody arrangements with your ex spouse, our lawyers can help. Our lawyers are trained mediators who help resolve family matters in a peaceful manner.
  • Child Arbitration
  • If you do not wish to participate in court proceedings, we can be present and convey decisions on your behalf. Our lawyers are experienced in family law and trained to deal with child arbitration cases.

Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors is a growing family law company in Exeter, England. We are Law Society accredited family mediators and Resolution Accredited Specialists who take a progressive approach towards family law issues.

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Our Exeter service is based at:

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Telephone: 01392 248113. (Our Exeter phone number will not be changing with the move)

Our Exeter Family Lawyers are available to see clients in Exeter by appointment. We do not accept service of documents at our Exeter address.Exeter Family Lawyers

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