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Ian Walker – Founder/ Director/ Solicitor/ Mediator/ Arbitrator

Meet our award winning Family Solicitors in Exeter and divorce solicitors law team in Exeter

Founded in 2012, Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors is a specialist divorce solicitors and family law solicitors practice based in Exeter. We also have meeting locations across the South-West.

Our Exeter family lawyers practice has grown to become one of the largest and experienced teams of lawyers and mediators who specialise in family law and divorce matters in Devon and Somerset and across the South-West. Our practice is recognised for its excellence in the independently researched Legal 500.

There are lots of good reasons to instruct our Exeter family lawyers and of all solicitors – some of which are below;

  • We are independently recommended as a leading team of family lawyers by the legal 500
  • We have strength and depth in both our Divorce and Relationships Team and our Children Law Team
  • legal 500 leading firm logoOur Divorce and Relationships Team is led by the well-respected Lauren Preedy and also includes the well-respected high net worth and LGBT+ specialist – Bridget Garrood.
  • Our Children Law Team includes the highly respected Kim Stradling (previously a Partner and Head of Family Law with Everys) Paul Sykes and Sandy Powell (previously a partner and Head of Family Law with Dunn and Baker) – in total we have five children panel members in our team and altogether the largest team of child law specialists in Exeter and possibly South of Bristol.
  • Our Exeter Family Lawyers and divorce solicitors are well known for our commitment to the commitment to standards of best practice of Resolution. Our founder – Ian Walker has been Chair of the Devon Region of Resolution for a decade. Bridget Garrood was one of Ian’s predecessors. Lauren Preedy has chaired the Somerset Region. Ian has also served on the Law Society Family Law Committee, as a trustee of the Family Mediators Association and on Resolution’s national Dispute Resolution Committee.
  • Lauren Preedy - Senior Associate Solicitor - Head of Divorce and Relationships Team

    Lauren Preedy – Senior Associate Solicitor – Head of Divorce and Relationships Team

    We are committed to the use of all sensible forms of dispute resolution including: mediation, arbitration, collaborative family law, principled negotiation, and when necessary focused litigation.

  • Our Exeter family lawyers and divorce solicitors are well known for innovation. With our Divorce Support Club – we provide our divorce clients with a monthly private group session with a respected divorce coach – which is free for our clients.
  • We are very open about our charges. Unlike virtually all our competitors – we are happy to publish our hourly charge rates on our website.
  • Our Client Service Guarantee is a commitment to providing an outstanding service to all of our clients.
  • We are constantly seeking to improve our technology to improve to improve the service/experience that we can offer compliance.
  • We have also developed a model where we are committed to the training of talented young solicitors. Having a vibrant and inclusive workplace benefits how we practice and it also benefits how we assist our clients.

Clients choose our Exeter family lawyers and divorce solicitors because they need help to resolve their family law and divorce cases.

No one ever instructs us saying that they want to have the most expensive and divisive court battle possible. They come to us because of our commitment to trying to sort things out in the right way and to achieve sensible and fair outcomes.

We have also established a specialism representing other lawyers and their families including from out of area.

We are a team of expert lawyers who have years of experience dealing with family law cases. It is our duty to offer clear advice and provide excellent service. Book a meeting with one of our lawyers today.

  • Ian Walker
    Ian Walker Director/Solicitor/Mediator /Arbitrator Law Society Children Panel and Mediation Accredited Rate per hour £300 + VAT
  • Bridget Garrood
    Bridget Garrood Consultant Solicitor - High Net Worth Divorce and LGBT+ Specialist Rate per hour £280 + VAT
  • Kim Stradling
    Kim Stradling Partner and Consultant Solicitor - Member Law Society Children Panel - Leading Child Law Expert Rate per hour £250 + VAT
  • Karen Elliott
    Karen Elliott Partner and Consultant Chartered Legal Executive – Divorce and Relationships Specialist Rate per hour £250 + VAT
  • Lauren Preedy
    Lauren Preedy Partner and Solicitor and Head of Divorce and Relationships Team Rate per hour £280+ VAT
  • Paul Sykes
    Paul Sykes Partner and Solicitor, Member Law Society Children Panel and Law Society Advanced Family Panel Rate per hour £ 250+ VAT
  • Lisa Holden
    Lisa Holden Partner and Solicitor/ Collaborative Lawyer/ Family Mediator - Head of Family Mediation Team Rate per hour £280 + VAT
  • Sandy Powell
    Sandy Powell Partner and Solicitor - Resolution Financial Provision Accredited – Law Society Children Panel Rate per hour £250 + VAT
  • Fiona Griffin
    Fiona Griffin Partner and Consultant Solicitor / Resolution Accredited Specialist / Collaborative Family Lawyer Rate per hour £250 + VAT

  • Award winningProgressive Family Solicitors in Exeter And Divorce Solicitors

    We are committed to the practice of progressive family law Exeter. By this we mean that our team have many years assisting Exeter families and representing them in Exeter Family Court. We are progressive Exeter family lawyers in that we are solution-focussed. We will support clients through the best process for them, to achieve a fair outcome to their case.

    Clients want good advice at a fair price, which is what we strive to provide.

    Law Firm of the Year SouthFamily law solicitors, Divorce Solicitors and Family Mediators Exeter

    At Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors, we strive for the best solution for you at all times. We offer advice and assistance for a full range of Family Law Services, namely;

    • Divorce
    • For couples who need legal assistance during the trying time of a divorce, we are here to help. Our team of solicitors has deep knowledge of the law, providing guidance and support when needed.
    • Financial Cases
    • Money can create issues between spouses and within the family. For financial matters and disputes, we have a team that can provide the assistance that you need to resolve those issues.
    • Child Law
    • Dealing with marriage separations is difficult and painful, but even more so when children are involved. We cover any kind of concern or issue that affects children and their well-being.
    • Social Services Cases
    • Through social services, we safeguard and promote the welfare both children and adults who are at risk of harm. Feel free to speak to one of our lawyers – all our cases are private and confidential.
    • Domestic Abuse
    • If you or your loved one is experiencing abuse within the home, do not hesitate to come to us for assistance. Our lawyers handle each case with great care, making sure you feel safe and secure.
    • Collaborative Family Law
    • We assist separating couples in collaborative family law matters should they decide to achieve a settlement that meets their needs or their children’s. Talk to a solicitor for legal support today.
    • Family Mediation
    • If you need to sort out child maintenance payments, housing finances or custody arrangements with your ex spouse, our lawyers can help. Our lawyers are trained mediators who help resolve family matters in a peaceful manner.
    • Child Arbitration
    • If you do not wish to participate in court proceedings, we can be present and convey decisions on your behalf. Our lawyers are experienced in family law and trained to deal with child arbitration cases.

    Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors is a now one of the leading family law teams in Exeter and across the South-West,  We are Law Society accredited family mediators and Resolution Accredited Specialists who take a progressive approach towards family law issues.

    Get in touch with family law solicitor from Exeter today.

    Meet our Exeter Family Lawyers And Divorce Solicitors

    Our modern head office is discreetly located in the Pynes Hill Business Park on the outskirts of Exeter. We are conscious that Southernhay and Southernhay Gardens – where most Exeter Law Firms are based, can be quite bit busy, and many clients wouldn’t necessarily want to be seen going in and coming out of a solicitors office. Our location does give a better degree of privacy.

    Our Exeter family lawyers And Divorce Solicitors are able to meet with clients for Family Law Exeter by appointment.

    Our Exeter service is based at:

    Vantage Point

    Pynes Hill

    Exeter EX2 5FD

    Telephone: 01392 248113.

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