Devon Resolution

Ian Walker - Devon ResolutionWe believe it is important to be fully engaged in the local legal community and to promote the values of Resolution

Ian Walker has been a member of Resolution since 1994. Our lawyers are all members.

Resolution is an organisation of family lawyers who are committed to a code of practice aimed at minimising distress in family disputes. It was founded as the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA) in 1981.

Resolution has a central organisation which is based in London. This is supported by regional groups. Devon Region has around 160 members and is one of the larger regions, both geographically and in terms members.

After serving 4 years as treasurer of Devon Resolution, Ian Walker was the elected Chair of the Devon region of Resolution in 2009. He retired in 2102.

Ian remained on the Devon Resolution Committee, but after the retirement of his successor from the Committee, Ian was encouraged to resume the Chair and was re-elected for a second 3 year term. He was again re-elected in 2017 for another 3 years.

Devon Resolution Conference

Since 2015, Ian has successfully made Devon Resolution more active, and in 2016 the Devon Resolution Family Law Conference was launched. This is now a high point of the local legal calendar. So far speakers/guests have included:

  • His Honour Mr Justice Baker
  • Her Honour Judge Miranda Robertshaw
  • His Honour Stephen Wildblood QC
  • His Honour David Tyzack QC (retired judge)
  • Sir Peter Singer (retired judge)
  • Claire Wills-Goldingham QC
  • Sue Jacklin QC
  • Anthony Kirk QC
  • Susan Campbell QC
  • Kate Branigan QC
  • Andrew Bagchi QC
  • Christopher Sharp QC
  • Valentine Le Grice QC
  • Professor Rebecca Bailey-Harris (Barrister)
  • Nick Miller (Barrister)
  • Lucy Reed (Barrister)
  • Rhys Taylor (Barrister)
  • Professor Liz Trinder – University of Exeter Law School
  • Nigel Shepherd -then Chair Resolution
  • Margaret Heathcote – Chair Resolution
  • Angela Lake-Carroll – Resolution
  • Chris Iveson – Therapist and Trainer and Coach
  • Dr Sue Candy – Psychologist
  • Dr Anna Gough – Psychologist
  • Dr Ben Laskey- Psychologist
  • The Behind Closed Doors Theatre

… and more (apologies to those not mentioned)

The importance of Devon Resolution

It is important that our local lawyers meet regularly and can build and maintain good working relationships. This is good for our clients and it is good for us as well.

Devon Resolution have been able to attract outstanding speakers to our Conference and we have strived to make content challenging, so that all are exposed to new ideas.

In addition we have also arranged other training including a continuation of District Judges Evenings and specialist training for Child Care lawyers, Collaborative Lawyers and on the subject of Legal Aid Contract Tendering.

Whilst Ian has successfully led the Committee, it has been with the backing of senior lawyers from other firms, from across the county.

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