Bad language in Family Law

Not that sort of bad language!

What I mean is that I recently met a potential client in my office in Honiton who told me how another Solicitor had advised her that she should take her former spouse “to the cleaners”. This sort of thing does our profession a major disservice and is harmful to clients as well. THE LAW DOES NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO BE TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS! The Law, whilst retaining a discretion, provides criteria and guidance to ensure that the outcome of any financial settlement is FAIR. The children’s needs come first, then the adults.

This sort of bad language raises expectations, encourages dispute, encourages wasted costs, and encourages an ongoing sense of disappointment when inflated expectations are not met. The long-term losers; The children; whose parents are less likely to be able to reset their relationship to that of co-operative parents.

Thats why I don’t use bad language. And nor should anyone else. I am realistic from the outset.

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