Business Clients

Finding fair solutions can be more complicated when there is a family business. Often both of the couple may have contributed to the growth of the business in different ways. Both may well have invested a lot emotionally in the business and arrangements can be difficult to disentangle.

Even if only one of the couple has participated fully in the business, the other may have made other sacrifices which have supported and contributed toward success and may also have an emotional tie to the business.

These cases require extra special care.

Understanding Business

Ian Walker set up our firm from scratch. He has grown the business into what is now one of the most experienced team of family lawyers in the South West.

To achieve this growth, Ian has faced all the issues that every entrepreneur faces, including: deciding to take the risk, financing the business, finding and retaining staff, payroll, tax, managing cashflow, trying to take time off occasionally etc.

David Howell-Richardson and Kim Stradling were both equity partners with their previous firms, meaning that they were business owners and very much part of the strategic decision making and running of their well established firms.

There is a big difference between actually running a business to reading about it.

Therefore we can say that we do very much understand the pressures on entrepreneurs and their families.

Different options

When a family business is involved, court proceedings can be very destructive.

The stress of a divorce can be a major distraction to the need to run the business well.

There is also tension between commercial law and family law about how business cases should be resolved.

We are happy to advise business owners and their spouses as Solicitors giving advice.

We are also happy to assist in our capacity as a neutral mediation service.

The Hybrid model of family mediation can be particularly suited to this type of case. The lawyers are fully involved as well as whoever else will assist the finding of a solution. Please look at our mediation pages.

At the end of the day the finding of fair solutions requires the need for everyone to work together to find solutions.

If this doesn’t happen the cost implications can be huge.