Carrie Meikle – Resolution Accredited Specialist Family Solicitor

_mg_1526Carrie Meikle – Resolution Accredited Specialist Family Solicitor

We are very pleased to announce that Carrie Meikle was awarded the prestigious Resolution Accredited Specialist Family Solicitor status in December 2016.

Carrie deals with all areas of family law, but her two chosen specialisms for the accreditation are representing clients where there has been domestic abuse and also in respect of cases about child arrangements.

Carrie joined us in April 2016. We are very committed to the ongoing training of our team and supporting team members in gaining accreditations. One of our first decisions when reviewing Carrie’s ongoing training plan, was to support her in applying for the accreditation standard as soon as possible.

There are set points in the year when applications can be submitted. Carrie’s accreditation in December was therefore the earliest point after joining us when Carrie was able to demonstrate her expertise.

Achieving the Standard

Resolution specialists are members who have chosen to test their skills and expertise through a rigorous assessment of their knowledge, abilities and way that they work with you and other people.

Resolution specialists are proven experts in a range of areas of the law arising from family breakdown.

Why it matters

Accreditation matters.

It is not just about the Solicitor having a certificate (Carrie’s is below). Achieving and maintaining accreditation shows that a Solicitor is proactive and that they are committed to self improvement and increasing their skills.

It is also important to us as a firm. In 2017 the Legal Aid Agency will be holding a tendering process to award new legal aid contracts starting in 2018. There could be big changes to the numbers and locations of firms of solicitors offering legal aid to clients for family law as a result. In previous tendering processes, holding relevant accreditations has been important.

Carrie gaining the Resolution Family Law Specialist Accreditation should place us in a better position once the tendering process arrives. Given that we are committed to providing a legally aided service, this is important for us.

Accreditation also matters for non-legally aided clients. Legal services are expensive. (Although our own hourly charges are highly competitive) and so showing accreditation should be a factor in deciding who to instruct.

Well done Carrie


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