Novitas Loans

We fully understand that funding a divorce can be difficult. Means tested Legal Aid used to be available to assist those who were divorcing to sort out financial arrangements with the assistance of a solicitor. The Legal Aid was a loan rather than a gift – so if money was recovered through the assistance of Legal Aid – the solicitors costs were repaid. That element of Legal Aid was withdrawn in 2013 – unless the person seeking assistance was the victim of domestic abuse.

We do what we can to assist clients. We are based in a business centre – and also use other business centres to see clients – which makes the area in which we operate greater. We have a flat firm structure to keep overheads down. Our charging rate are lower than city centre practices.

However, as a small business we cannot take on work where we cannot be certain that we will recover our costs. Unfortunately we cannot work on the basis that we will not ask to be paid until the case is complete and the client settlement has been paid.

Clients will often pay their fees through the use of savings, loans from family members, and sometimes through commercial borrowing.

Another option which is available to clients is to borrow money to pay for their divorce fees through Novitas Loans. A link to the Novitas website is below. There is a download there for a FAQ document about the scheme.

Novitas offer of a personal loan based upon the expectation that this will be repaid from the settlement which will be recovered at the end of the divorce. Full information is on their website.

We present Novitas simply as an option. If a better and cheaper way of funding your case is available then this is unnecessary. We have seen other products available which are more expensive. If you want to make use of this facility please ask for more details.