Choosing a Lawyer Family Law

Choosing a Lawyer Family Law

Ian Walker is Lawyer Family Law and Ian Walker Family Law and Solicitors are specialists at Family Law.  We are Exeter, Taunton and Honiton. Choosing a Lawyer Family Law is a very important decision. You want to find a Lawyer Family Law who will guide you through a difficult time. A Lawyer Family Law who will help you achieve a fair outcome, at a reasonable cost. You want to minimize the stress for children and yourself. They need to be experienced and thorough. You do  not want someone who will make things worse.

There is a lot of helpful information on this website. Hopefully we can show you that we can assist you in the right way.

Meet Ian Walker

Here is a link to our youtube channel where you can find out about Ian Walker in his own words Link to youtube

Ian Walker - Choosing a Lawyer Family Law

Ian Walker Lawyer Family Law

Ian’s Experience

Ian qualified as a Solicitor is set out fully at Link to Ian’s career history

This includes;

  • Accredited by Resolution since 2000 (the first Solicitor in Exeter to achieve this standard)
  • Past Chair of  Resolution Devon Region (elected by peers).
  • Collaborative Law trained
  • Responsible for bringing Collaborative Law to Devon
  • Member of Law Society Children Panel since 1996
  • Advanced Member of Law Society Family Mediation Panel
  • Former member of Law Society Family Law Committee and Governing Board of Family Mediators Association

In other words he is very experienced as a Solicitor. He also practices the main forms of Family Dispute Resolution. You have a genuine choice in finding the best process for your case.

How we charge

In Devon, Most partner level Solicitors charge in the region of £200 + VAT per hour. Lower charging rates normally equate from more junior Solicitors all the way down to completely unqualified “paralegals”.

Ian charges an hourly rate of £150 +VAT.

To achieve this, we have avoided some overheads, like fancy offices and a multitude of  support roles. You pay for the most important things; knowledge, experience and a sensible outcome focused approach.

If you would like an appointment, call us, or use our contact form.

Lawyer Family Law

We all use the internet and computers. When Ian trained it was with a secretary who used a word-processor/typewriter which saved the last 4 lines of typing. Letters often went out with tippex corrections. Technology is very different now, only a little over 20 years later. But computing and the internet, make our style of practice possible. Why pay for the trimmings that you don’t need? If you have found this page it is because we optimized it for Google. We are pleased that you found us, and we hope that you will be pleased that you found us too.

You may have questions such as: How to find the best divorce lawyer? How to approach a divorce lawyer? What is the arbitration process step by step? Or can arbitration help in family disputes? We have created an FAQ’s page that can help answer those questions.