Civil Mediation Ian Walker Civil and Commercial Mediation

I am a dual qualified Civil/Commercial Mediator and Family Mediator. This means that I am able to draw upon the best of the different styles of mediation in order to assist my clients to resolve their disputes in fair and cost-effective ways.

In Family Mediation there are usually a series of meetings, with the Couple getting legal advice and gathering other information necessary between meetings to enable them to make informed decisions and to achieve a fair settlement.

In Civil Mediation, there will usually be one meeting. Everyone needed to achieve a settlement attends (e.g. decision makers, lawyers, even experts). The meetings can be long and expensive as there is a lot of preparation in advance. This can put clients off. That’s why we assess the viability of mediation first. We then plan the mediation process in a way that is proportionate and to maximize the prospects of success.

Civil Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings

That’s why we like to start with “Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings”. These are routinely used in family cases, but not in Civil Mediation. We will meet both sides separately first and work out with both, whether there is a realistic prospect of achieving a settlement, and if so, what the most viable process will be.

Our Civil Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings are £180 + VAT for each side, so there is very little upfront cost involved. These are a brilliant way to find out more and to “test the water”.

As a Civil/Commercial Mediator I am accredited by ADR Group, which is an organisation member of the Civil Mediation Council.

You may have questions such as: What does civil dispute mean? What would be considered a civil case? How much does it cost to file a civil suit? How to file a lawsuit against someone who owes you money? We have created an FAQ’s page that can help answer those questions.


Civil Mediation Meeting Charges How it works
Civil Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (Separate) £180 + VAT per party We meet each side separately to discuss what mediation is and to assess whether it might work. This also helps to find out if the other side is serious.
Civil Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (Joint) £140 + VAT per party We meet both sides together to discuss what mediation is and to assess what might work
Civil Mediation Meeting + Summary (1.5 -2 hours) £400 + VAT per party Our usual meeting using the Family Mediation Model. There may be 1 to 3 of these. These type of meetings can also work well for Civil Mediation.
Civil Mediation Meeting + Summary (Up to 4 hours) £750 + VAT per party + additional room hire at cost The usual Civil Mediation Model. Each team in different rooms. Time limited.
Civil Mediation Meeting (As long as is needed) Based on £140 + VAT per hour per side + expenses at cost The usual Civil Mediation Model. Each team in different rooms. Time allowed depends on complexities.

Experienced at assisting clients in stressful situations

The sort of case I am particularly suitable for is where the dispute revolves around the breakdown of relationships. For example; partnership disputes, Inheritance disputes, neighbour disputes contract disputes etc.

You can easily see from this website that my background as a Solicitor is Family Law. As a family lawyer and family mediator, I have years of experience in successfully assisting clients in stressful situations. I think this helps me as a Civil/Commercial Mediator, and gives me skills and experience that other Civil/Commercial Mediators don’t have. As a mediator, you don’t have to be a legal expert on the subject you are mediating on. In my view, it is better to be able to understand the people and their dispute. I am well known for my attention to detail and doggedness, and for building good working relationships with clients.

I enjoy the different styles of mediation and I get great satisfaction when I have assisted my clients in achieving a settlement.

Where to have your Civil Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting

Our Civil Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings are available in Honiton, Taunton and Exeter.

Our shorter mediation meetings are also available in Honiton, Taunton and Exeter.

We can also travel to you

With longer mediation meetings we can travel anywhere within a reasonable range. The sort of places I am happy to travel to  in order to undertake include Exeter, Taunton, Plymouth and other locations in Devon, I am also  willing to travel to undertake mediation at other locations within a reasonable range from our office including; Bristol, Cardiff, Yeovil, Dorchester, Salisbury, Bath, Weymouth. If extra rooms are needed and you can supply these, then this will keep the costs down.

I am willing to travel to London, but my costs are greater, so I would charge a little bit more (but still less than the London “going rate”). Give me a call and I will happily give you a quote.

I have a full CV in the “Our Team” section.

CONTACT ME or telephone 01404 819098