Ian Walker - Commercial mediationIs my case suitable for Civil/Commercial mediation?

The short answer is;


Put it another way;

Are you completely unreasonable?

Do you want to waste thousands of pounds going to Court?

If you lose and have to pay the other sides legal costs, how will you feel about that?

Have you got better things to do other than being involved in the dispute?

We believe that the other party would give the same answers to these questions as you.

Clearly something has gone wrong and you are both stuck. But the simple answer is that everyone wants a solution and therefore your case is suitable for mediation.

But it is not uncommon for people to get stuck in conflict.

Once battle lines are drawn it can be difficult to give ground or to back down

What is important is to get both sides to the table.

Civil Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings

We offer a short initial meeting with both sides. This is to help to understand the problem assess how best to set up a mediation process in order to maximise the prospects of success.

They offer an inexpensive way of testing out whether the other party is willing to give mediation a try.

They are also an opportunity to meet with the Mediator and talk through any questions that you may have.