Computer World 2

It’s been a frustrating week on the web. I have applied for google places. I have received the verification card and entered the code, but I am still waiting for it to start showing. So it won’t show me on a search for Honiton Solicitor. Last Saturday, I momentarily came up, but it seems to have gone again. honiton family law works and I am front page with that. honiton mediator also works and is front page. But not Honiton Solicitor or honiton divorce or honiton child law. What is most important is that people know hor to find me. To assist I have this week been preparing an up to date list of members of the Law Society Child Law Accreditation Scheme, to send on to The Courts, Social Services and CAFCASS. That will help me. The Law Society Child Law Accreditation Scheme is more commonly known as the Children Panel, and I have been a member since 1996. For my full CV take a look at the Our Team page

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