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I do enjoy listening to a bit of Kraftwerk from time to time. This was their 1981 Album. I prefer Man Machine and Trans Europe Express and Tour De France (but none worked as a title), but I am digressing already.

Setting up my own Solicitors Practice and Mediation Service here in Honiton, has been a massive undertaking . I am pleased to say that I am now getting a healthy level of enquiries, and so I am feeling vindicated that my business plan was on the right track, and that I am offering something different and in tune with the needs of fellow residents of East Devon. It is pleasing too, that I am receiving enquiries, not just from Honiton and Seaton, but also from Chard, Ottery St Mary, Tiverton, Sidmouth, Exeter, all over really. Sorry, I am digressing again!

Today’s blog is more a moan about the internet. The website comes up easily on a search for Mediation and Honiton, but not Solicitor, Honiton. The answer seems to be that I am not on Google Places. But I have keyed that in, and it has taken ages for them to sort out verification. The same with the Outlook equivalent.  Other search tools have been quicker. I found out last week that some of my details on the Ministry of Justice search tool are correct,  others are not; another form had to be filled out, to make sure I come out in a Solicitor search for Honiton, despite they fact that they have all the information already! A few weeks ago, I found out that my practice account details at the Solicitors Regulation Authority had been set up wrong. That took a lot of chasing to sort out, and as I type, I know that one list of panel memberships held by the Law Society still needs to changed! Its been so frustrating. In our computer world, nothing works properly, or works the first time! A rep from yell was going to visit me,to try and sell me advertising with them, but didn’t turn up here in Honiton, because his colleague hadn’t saved the appointment in his diary properly! Its all just been a frustrating distraction. Still. I am slowly making progress.

This afternoon I am off to Exeter Racecourse for some Matrimonial Finance CPD training organised by Devon and Somerset Law Society.  We all have to do a certain amount of CPD each year, and it will be good to catch up with others within the Devon Family Law/Divorce set. A little bit of updating (nothing ever really changes much) and a coffee and a catch-up. There are so many Solicitors in Exeter, that when I used to work there, I found you could go years between having a case on with some other Solicitors. (It must be a nightmare for clients to find the right person for them). As a result these local training sessions and other events organised by Devon Resolution are a good opportunity to catch up with each other. I am looking forward to it.

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