Domestic Abuse; the latest figures show convictions for Domestic Abuse are amongst the lowest in Devon and Cornwall

Bad news for victims of Domestic abuse in Devon

The latest statistics from the Office of National Statistics are extremely disappointing.

These are for 2013

The statistics suggest that police and CPS practice is much less effective in Devon, than in most other parts of the country.

Here is a link to the BBC Report;

BBC: Domestic abuse: ‘Wide variations’ in police referrals to CPS

As well as the new figures for domestic violence, existing statistics for rape offences again show Cheshire police with high rates of referral – 65%; police in Durham pass nearly 57% of cases on to the CPS. But again in Warwickshire the figure is low, just 3.65%, and in Devon and Cornwall the statistic is 18%.”

And here is a link to the equivalent article in the Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian Newspaper: Police referrals of domestic violence cases fall

There is then a link to an analysis of the figures:

The Guardian Newspaper: Domestic abuse and sexual violence: what the new figures tell us

Devon and Cornwall is a large Police Force area, but there is no reason why this should mean that the figures should be well below the national average (which is far from impressive in comparison to the best performing Police Forces.


Police Force Domestic abuse reported incidents* DV cases referred to CPS by police** Number of CPS prosecutions for DV*** Number of CPS convictions for DV*** CPS convictions as % of reported incidents in same yr
Total 775343 91184 74113 53347 6.88%
Devon and Cornwall 25659 1834 1683 1238 4.82%


Women’s Refuge in Exeter to close

We also found out in February that Exeter Women’s Refuge is to close down after Devon County Council withdrew core funding.

This is a devastating blow. The refuge has been open 20 years. I have assisted a number of residents over the years and they have all spoken highly of the dedicated team. The national refuge network has allowed victims of abuse and their children to move from one part of the country to a different are where they have more chance of staying safe from abusive partners.

Legal Aid Cuts

But whilst the Civil Law is still there to offer protection, the reports are that those who have suffered abuse are less likely to be seeking advice from a Solicitor.

TheGuardian Newspaper: Legal aid cuts are devastating to women, especially those suffering abuse

I have assisted victims of abuse for nearly 25 years. The News above is profoundly depressing, but those who have suffered abuse, MUST seek help, they MUST report abuse to the POLICE and take LEGAL ADVICE from an experienced SOLICITOR


It may be harder to access, but help is still there for the victims of Abuse.

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