Mediation does work; Coronation Street doesn’t get its portrayal

Tonight on Coronation Street the characters Nick and Leanne had a meeting with a mediator; traded insults and stormed out to find Nick’s car being clamped.

I have spent years groaning about how family law is portrayed in TV drama, and now mediation gets the treatment.

Where they got it wrong

I could go on…

What makes mediation work?

In short the answer is preparation

The Mediator needs to meet both separately first to establish if there is a viable process

The Mediator needs to check for abuse issues or mental health issues or other factors which would rule the process out completely, or which would only make it viable if an alternative model was used.

The Mediator needs to prepare the couple properly for the joint meeting

The Mediator needs to keep discussions focused

The Mediator needs to help the couple to identify the problems that need to be resolved and then assist them to gather the information to help them to find solutions

Understanding what is needed comes with experience.

Even then not every case does succeed, but many do, if the couple recognise the problem and are willing to negotiate

 If you saw tonight’s Coronation Street; Please do not be put off: Mediation could still work for you



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