Family Dispute Resolution Week in Devon; Reception at Exeter County Court on 4th December

What is Dispute Resolution Week?

Last year the Family Solicitors organisation, Resolution ran an awareness-raising week called Family Dispute Resolution Week. The idea of the week was to highlight the alternatives to court for separating couples. The idea was to raise the profile of “Out of Court” settlement  options among the public, government & opinion-formers, as well those working in family law. Events were organised around the country. DR week was a great success.

This year National Family Dispute Resolution Week which is running between 25-29thNovember

Who is taking part on a national level this year?

This year the other member organisations of the Family Mediation Council are encouraging their members to take part in the week. This means dispute resolution professionals from ADR Group, the College of Mediators, the Family Mediators Association, the Law Society and National Family Mediation are all getting involved.

Why is Dispute Resolution Week so important this year?

Since Legal Aid changes came int effect in April there has been a massive downturn in the take up of mediation.

Many people are not aware that Legal Aid is still widely available for family mediation

For those who are eligible for Legal Aid, Family Mediation is FREE

Families are not realising the value of mediation to them and are increasingly going to Court

This is a tragedy for families.

There is lots of stuff on this website about how mediation can really work for families

What are we doing in Devon?

I am really pleased to say that we will be holding a Reception at Exeter County Court on Wednesday 4 December from 4.45 to 6.15

Exeter : Exeter Crown & County Court

By we, I mean;

That’s 10 organisations who provide Family Mediation in and around Exeter, which include most of the Mediators who are based around Exeter and its catchment area

Who got everyone together

Well, I have to admit that it was me who had the idea to do something together, but others have also contributed and  this is one of the easiest events that I have ever been involved in organising. It is really pleasing that everyone wants to join in. Hopefully we will be able to generate some good media coverage.

We are all very grateful to Exeter County Court for allowing us to hold a reception promoting family mediation at the Court on Wednesday 4 December.

Didn’t you say DR Week was 25-29th November?

Our event is intended to be part of National Family Dispute Resolution Week which is running between 25-29th November. We have however delayed our contribution to this, because locally the 25-29th November is also Domestic Abuse awareness week, being organised by ADVA ; Against Domestic Violence and Abuse (in Devon)

Needless to say, we all support  Domestic Abuse awareness week, and do not wish to undermine it in any way.  Many of us (including myself) will also be participating in events for DA Week.

Can I come?

We are inviting local  Judiciary and local professionals who have an interest in referring clients to mediation (including Solicitors and CAFCASS and other family related professionals).

All of the participating organisations will be sending invitations out over the next week. If you want to come and don’t receive an invite, please let me know. We want a good attendance, we don’t want to leave anyone out, but its inevitable that we will end up forgetting one or two. So please, do let me know if you would like to come along.

It is important

It is important because mediation is an important option for families, and it is essential that families have sufficient awareness that they are able to choose Mediation if it is the right option for them.


There is a website for DR week at:

We are grateful for your support



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