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Lauren Preedy - Senior Associate Solicitor - Head of Divorce and Relationships Team

Lauren Preedy – Senior Associate Solicitor – Head of Divorce and Relationships Team

As a team of experienced family lawyers we know that a separation or divorce can be one of the most traumatic things you may go through in life.

Going through a separation or divorce is not simply a legal journey.  We understand that many of our clients find the emotional journey challenging to navigate.

Perhaps you are finding the process overwhelming, and you feel confused about your options.  Or maybe you feel stuck in a situation over which you have little control.  Perhaps you are worried about the impact of your separation on your children, or anxious about how to communicate with your ex.  Or maybe you are not sure how to cope with the emotional ups and downs you are feeling.

We are committed to providing our clients with an outstanding service.  As your lawyers, our job is to guide you through the legal process so that you can achieve a legally fair outcome to your separation and/or divorce. We aim to give the very best legal advice.

We recognise there are limitations to what we can do outside of our legal remit.  We are committed to offering a holistic service, and to helping you create a powerful support team around you.  We want you to have the right support from the right people, at the right time, whether that is legal, financial or emotional.


Claire Black: Divorce Coach

Introducing the Divorce Support Club

We have therefore partnered with respected Divorce Coach Claire Black to provide a new, innovative and additional service to our clients. This is the Divorce Support Club.

The Divorce Support Club provides our clients with a safe, informal place for you to ask questions and gather a toolkit of strategies to help you manage your emotions, get clarity around the things that worry or scare you and focus on what you CAN do, so that you feel stronger and more confident.

Working with Claire Black through our Divorce Support Club provides a means through which we can provide our clients with a level of emotional support which goes beyond that which family law solicitors are normally able to give.

The Divorce Support Club is a free service

We do not charge for this service.

There is more information about the Divorce Support Club below:


FAQs – Our Divorce Support Club

The Divorce Support Club is an open-ended series of workshops, led by Claire Black, to help you cope better with your separation or divorce.  Together with our legal team, Claire will give you strategies to help you handle your emotions, get clarity, take back your power, challenge negative thinking and focus on taking positive steps forward.

Our aim is to create a friendly, supportive place where you can feel safe to ask any questions you might have, raise your concerns and learn new strategies to help you right now.  It is a place to focus on you, and what you need.

The Divorce Support Club meets via video conference each month between 1 PM and 2 PM.

Details about how to take part are given below.

Together with Claire, each session will be attended by a member of our legal team.

This will usually Lauren Preedy, who is the the Head of our Relationship Team.

We will cover different topics each month, so guest speakers may join us, such as accountants and financial advisers, to provide guidance on specific areas.



The Divorce Support Club is a free service we are providing.

Whether you are going through a separation or divorce or you are seeking a dissolution to a civil partnership. We will be covering lots of different areas and subjects.

There will be a short presentation on a different topic each month.

You will be invited to submit questions/issues in advance of each meeting, and we will try to answer all of them in the session.

The sessions usually last for around an hour.

The meeting will operate as a virtual seminar – so only Claire Black, Lauren Preedy, and any guests will be visible. Attendees will not be able to see each other or know who each other are.

Supplemental questions can be posted and answered in real time through the videoconference platform.

Attendees need to be aware that there will be other attendees. When answering questions (including questions submitted in advance) we will answer in broad terms so that those asking questions are not identified.

Claire is an NLP Master Practitioner, former lawyer, a mother and divorcee.

Claire specialises in coaching individuals through separation and divorce, giving emotional support, and providing strategies and skills which will empower you to make the best choices and to equip you to create a fulfilling future.  She is the author of a book called: “Break-up: From Crisis to Confidence”.

You can find more about Claire here; https://www.claireblackcoaching.com/about

Divorce Coaching is a relatively new phenomena in the UK. Coaching  gives you strategies to recognise and work through your emotions and explore ways in which you can get clarity, take back control, see options and choices and take steps to move forward positively.

You can find out more about Divorce Coaching here; https://www.claireblackcoaching.com/what-is-divorce-coaching

Sometimes those going through a divorce or separation can find the experience to be emotionally overwhelming. Emotions such as grief and anger can get in the way of good decision-making.

Divorce coaching is forward-focused, and aims to help you get clarity, feel empowered, see options and choices, and turn down the temperature on your emotions so that you can make better decisions, and create a bright future.

Over the years we have seen too many cases where couples remain trapped in a level of conflict with each other which gets in the way of each of them enjoying a happy life and causes emotional harm to their children. Divorce coaching helps you to take a different perspective and focus on the steps you can take to move forward.

To sign up to our Divorce Support Club, please email us at clientservices@familylawandmediation.co.uk. The mailing list will only be used for the purposes of The Divorce Support Club.

Each month an email will be sent out inviting clients who wish to attend to sign up to the next Divorce Support Club Meeting via Eventbrite. Places will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and places are limited.

We will keep a waiting list of those who do not secure a place. Therefore, if you have booked and are not able to attend, we would ask you to let us know so that we can make the place available to someone else.

We will apply a fair usage policy, so if someone were to be a serial non-attender, we would have to remove them from the invitation list.

There is more information about this in the terms and conditions which will apply (see below).

If you are an existing client and you are not aware of The Divorce Support Club but would like to join, please just email us and we will add you to our mailing list.

There is no charge for attending meetings of The Divorce Support Club.

The Divorce Support Club is a free and additional resource.

Lauren Preedy, or any other lawyers attending on our behalf will not be giving case specific advice during The Divorce Support Club. The primary focus of The Divorce Support Club is to assist individuals to make the best choices so that they come through their divorce/separation as well as possible.

The forum of The Divorce Support Club can be used to help clarify legal/financial issues in a general sense – where specific advice is needed, this will be provided on a one-to-one basis outside of The Divorce Support Club.

We hope that those who take advantage of The Divorce Support Club will be able to gain confidence in asking more informed questions, making more informed decisions and with a better focus.


Clients who would like to engage Claire for additional coaching may do so by interacting directly with Claire: https://www.claireblackcoaching.com/contact



There is no charge for attending The Divorce Support Club.


The meetings will not give specific legal advice and we will not answer questions in any way as to identify any of our clients or to breach the confidentiality.

Claire will not know anything about our clients cases other than what attendees choose to share in their questions.

The meetings will be run through Eventbrite. For logistical purposes the event bookings will be run through Claire Black’s Eventbrite account. Clients who wish to take part will agree to the sharing of their email addresses with Claire for the purpose of the divorce club mailing list.

The Divorce Club Mailing List will only be used for the purposes of The Divorce Support Club and the email addresses will be used for no other purpose. It is agreed with Claire that in the event of our partnership ending that the mailing list and historic mailing lists will be deleted.


We will not be giving legal advice during the meetings. Legal advice is only given by us on an individual basis, normally during a meeting (including videoconference or telephone) and/or in writing (including by email).

We do not therefore accept any liability for actions taken on the basis of generic information given during the divorce support club.

Claire is responsible for her own advice – which again is of a general and holistic nature.

Any financial adviser who attends the meeting as a guest will provide generic responses. However, it is not impossible that they will raise issues which will flag up that it will be important to take independent financial advice before making a decision. As a firm of solicitors we do not provide financial advice – and we are not regulated to do so. We would always recommend clients take financial advice before making decisions on financial matters. The intention of the divorce support club is that, armed with more general financial information, clients may be more inclined/find it easier to make the decision to obtain financial advice.

Fair usage

We have set this up as a free service. But numbers are limited. Therefore if anyone books fails to attend without good reason on more than one occasion then we reserve the right to remove them from the mailing list.

Addition to/removal from the mailing list

This is entirely at our discretion.


We reserve the right to cancel this service at any time and without notice.

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