Divorce Fee Hike

Divorce Fee Hike

The Ministry of Justice has announced a 34% increase in the divorce petition Court Fee._MG_5336

The increase has been strongly opposed by family lawyers including through Resolution and the Law

The divorce petition fee is currently £410. The rise will see it increased to £550.

My understanding is that the actual cost to the public purse in processing divorces is only £270. The fee of £410 already represented a tax on those getting divorced. I cannot see how this increase is justified. Particularly at a time when the introduction of Regional Divorce Centre’s fee. This rise is expected to take effect next Monday, 21 March.

Whilst the government seems quite happy to increase charges to those getting divorced, there seems to be no will at all to reform the divorce law so we can move to no-fault divorce and unnecessary arguments over what constitutes unreasonable behaviour or whether adultery has taken place.

The Prime Minister often talks about wanting to “do the right thing”. This increase without reform or indeed even if it accompanied reform is simply “the wrong thing”.

“Bad show” Mr Cameron.

At Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors we will continue to assist our clients to try and get through divorce in a cost-effective way.

We seek to achieve this by following the Code of Practice of Resolution and assisting our clients to resolve disputes through the use of Family Mediation (if possible) rather than through expensive court proceedings or painfully slow and expensive negotiation by letter writing.

Sometimes it is necessary to take cases to court but it should be the exception rather than the rule. Our aim is always to achieve the best we can for our clients whilst the same time doing our best the costs both financially and emotionally as low as we can achieve.


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