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I was able to get away for summer holiday and in addition to resting and unwinding I was also able to reflect upon the progress that I have made with my practice over the last two and half years and to reflect on what I would like to achieve in the next five years or so.

Family Law and Mediation Limited was authorised by the SRA in January 2013. I had decided to set up my own practice during the course of 2012 and successfully bid in the legal aid contract rounds of 2012 for contracts both for Family Law and Family Mediation.

Motivated to succeed

At the time I decided to make a go of running my own practice I had been working in Plymouth for approaching four years following nearly 10 years in Exeter.

I live in East Devon and had long since concluded that there would be a gap in the market for a specialist family law practice. I decided that I would fill this gap and at the same time save myself a commute and to gain all the benefits of being my own boss. This was particularly important to me at a time when there was a loss of uncertainty in how family law would be practised.

I believe that Family Law is a contracting area of practice and that in 10 years’ time there will be significantly fewer family lawyers than there are now. Having my own firm and being my own boss gives me much much greater control over my working life and job security.

At times the practice of Family Law seems a bit like a game of musical chairs and there are visibly fewer chairs each year. I have seen some very good solicitors and legal executives leave practice in recent years.

A good base from which to build

I decided to structure my practice so it was as lean as possible. I make good use of computer and cloud technology. I have only recently taken on some in-house administrative/fee earning support and this on the basis that I had been overloaded with enquiries and potential work.

We now increased capacity and I believe there is good potential to grow the practice further. My company accounts show that in my first full year of trading I achieved (without any in-house administrative support) a turnover of over £100,000. This is from starting “cold” in a location from which I have never practised (although in which I have lived for some 15 years now).

We have also achieved some very pleasing case outcomes.

My conclusion from my summer holiday is that having established solid foundations I would like to gain a partner to enable me to really push the business forward. This is likely to be who I already know but I am posting this here because you just never know?

Who am I looking for?

Personality is very important as is excellence in Family Law. The person I am looking for will be;

There would need to be a period of working together first to make sure it was the right move for both of us, but provided this was successful then we would then be able to progress things to investment in ownership of the practice. The right person does not need to be a partner in their current practice.

Give me a call

What is important is that they are outstanding and that we are able to work together and that we share the same vision.

If you are interested give me a call or text in confidence on 07500806664 or email me on

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