Family Arbitration Update

Ian Walker - Family Arbitration UpdateFamily Arbitration Update

As a family law arbitrator, I am also a member of the Forum of Family Arbitrators As Well as being a member of IFLA (Institute of family Law arbitrators).

The forum hosts regular meetings of fellow family Law arbitrators. Attached to this posting is a video of a lecture about arbitration given by HHJ Donald Cryan at the City Law School on 30 March 2017. The lecture itself lasts just over an hour with discussion of 20 minutes afterwards. It is well worth watching.

Arbitration is gaining momentum

The message is that arbitration is a very good option in family cases and that its use is (slowly) gaining momentum. Family Law Arbitration is a process which has the support of the senior judiciary including the most senior family judge – The President of the Family Division His Honour Sir James Munby – who I had the privilege to hear speak about arbitration at the launch of the IFLA  child law arbitration scheme last year.

Essentially arbitration involves instructing a private judge (a senior very experienced lawyer who is qualified as an arbitrator) who will make a legally binding decision after a tailored process – which can include paper submissions or a private hearing.

For more information about arbitration please see the arbitration pages on our website.

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