Ian Walker MCIArb – Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme launch

Ian Walker MCIArb – Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme launch – Ian Walker

On Monday I will be travelling to London for the launch of IFLA’s Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme.

I and one of the founding arbitrators who will be providing arbitration through the IFLA Family Law Children Arbitration Scheme

Ian Walker MCIArb – Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme / Member CIArb

It has been a great pleasure opening the post this week to receive my certificates from The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (see below).

There are only a very small number of arbitrators who have qualified. The selection process to qualify as an arbitrator is rigorous. It is necessary to be an experienced practitioner and also to be recommended by two Judges. The training was assessed and moderated. Determinations made by an arbitrator are legally binding and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators therefore take great care in the process through which arbitrators are selected.

Arbitration in Children Cases

Arbitration is a comparatively new option in family law cases. Previously its practice was limited to finance cases. From Monday it will also be available to help parents resolve disputes around the arrangements for their children.

I have long-standing commitment to assisting clients to resolve disputes in a reasonable sense way. This is evidenced through 20 years as a mediator and my commitment to progressive practice through Resolution/Collaborative Law and my wider activity in promoting good practice (membership of the Law Society Family Law Committee, Chair – Devon Resolution)

Arbitration can decide cases quickly

I see arbitration as a process which can be harnessed to assist clients to resolve cases quickly and sensibly. Delay in resolving disputes between parents is not a good thing. The Courts have limited and recently stretched resources. The court will necessarily prioritise between urgent and non-urgent. Court processes can be very slow. On the other hand that mediation can be an excellent way to assist parents to resolve disputes – but does not work.

Arbitration is something which can work for families. I intend to offer a speedy and cost-effective service. In a straightforward case I should be able to make a determination within a week.

Invariably, speed in achieving a final decision in a case saves cost and stress.

Full details of my Arbitration offering to follow

I also see the arbitration and mediation can work hand-in-hand.

I am looking forward to the launch of the IFLA Family Arbitration Children Scheme on Monday. Resolution will be heavily represented and there will be an opportunity for me to catch up some old friends. Over the next few weeks I will be updating my website and letting everyone know how I will be making arbitration available.

CIARB certificate

Ian Walker MCIArb – Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme/Member CIArb CIArb membership certificate

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