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Family Law

Family Law Solicitors

We are a firm of Specialist Family Law Solicitors. We are recognised as one of the leading legal firms for family law in the South-West. This includes being included in the Legal 500 (which is to law firms what the Michelin guide is to restaurants). In 2020 we were named as the Boutique Law Firm (11+ employees) in the prestigious Modern Law Awards.

Our head office is in modern offices on the edge of Exeter (not far from Exeter IKEA).

We also have offices and meeting rooms where we can meet clients across the South-West. These locations are in (alphabetical order); Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Honiton, Plymouth, Shaftesbury, Taunton, Torquay, Wells, Weston-Super-Mare and Yeovil.

We are a modern practice and are happy to offer meetings by videoconference. We also use on boarding software which allows us to take client ID remotely (we are required to verify the identity of all clients).

This means that we can easily act for clients who are located outside of the South-West.

What do we mean by Family Law?

Relationship Breakdown

By family law we mean the law relating to the breakdown of relationships and the consequences of these.

This includes divorce, separation, dissolution of civil partnerships, the financial consequences of divorce and the breakdown of relationships between cohabitees.

Children law

Family law includes cases concerning the exercise of parental responsibility including child arrangements (where charged live and how they should have contact with other important people in their lives – including their other parent). Other types of case we regularly assist parents with would be where a parent wishes to relocate either in the UK or to another country.

Other types of case would also include the breakdown of surrogacy arrangements, adoption

Another, big part of our child law practice is Children Law involving social services. These include cases where social services are intervening in family arrangements including by making applications to the court for Care Orders or Supervision Orders.

Family Mediation

We also family mediation service. When we are acting as neutral family mediators we are not able to give advice (although we can give legal information). As most family mediation takes place as an alternative to court (where a court would make legally binding decisions – based on the application of the law) we are of the view that mediation is better undertaken by mediators who have a comprehensive legal knowledge – and understanding of the law.

We will often give advice to legal clients in support of a mediation process. This would means that we are acting for clients as their solicitors and that an alternative neutral mediator will be conducting the mediation. The world mediation is quite small – so we will refer clients to

Ian Walker at the Law Society Recognising Excellence Awards 2019 with Law Society President – Simon Davis.

mediators who we feel will be best suited to their case.

Excellence in Family Law Practice

Our Mission Statement is to set standards of excellence in the practice of Family Law and Mediation. It is to assist our clients to find the best solutions for their family, in a way that is child focused, cost effective and which is as un-traumatic as possible.

We are highly committed to the values of Resolution. Our founder – Ian Walker – has been the Chair of the Devon region of Resolution for nearly a decade. Lauren Preedy, who is the head of our divorce team is the chair of the Somerset region of Resolution. Ian is also a member of Resolution’s Dispute Resolution Committee.

We have always been open about how we charge and have always published our charge rates on our website. Our charge rates are competitive in comparison to other comparable legal practices.

In addition, we offer clients a service guarantee. We want all our clients to have the best service that we can family law teamprovide. Read more about the Service Guarantee here.

In a nutshell what we are trying to offer clients is a combination of:

  • the quality and service of corporate type law firms
  • the accessibility of high street practice
  • the expertise of being a specialist/niche practice

In addition, and in the family law context – the values and ethical practice of Resolution.

Our team

Sarah Hindle – Head of our Child Law Team

Our practice was founded by Ian Walker in 2013. Initially the practice was simply Ian and a computer. In 2015 Ian started to grow the practice and we have been able to build a team of excellent lawyers within which there is deep expertise.

Our Child Law team is led by Sarah Hindle, who joined us from Bindmans LLP – one of the leading child law specialist practices in London. Our child law team includes Kim Stradling, who is long recognised as one of the leading child law specialists based in Devon. Overall, our children law team includes four members of the prestigious Law Society Children Panel/Child Law Accreditation Scheme and a former member. (Ian Walker, Sandy Powell and Nicole Phare respectively).

Our Divorce Team is led by Lauren Preedy who joined us from leading Somerset practice Porter Dodson. Again, there is real strength in depth in our divorce team which includes  Bridget Garrood – who is a leading LGBT+ specialist. Our divorce team is also assisted by

Lauren Preedy – Head of our Divorce Team

Our in-house accountant – Paul Jacobs.

Here to help

There are links from this page to lots of various sections of our website – we have tried to make our website as informative as possible. Cases are however very individual – and ultimately, if you need help then you should give us a call or use our contact form.

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