Child Law Accreditation

We currently have 4 members of the Law Society Children Panel – Child Law Accreditation Scheme.

  • Ian Walker has been a member of the Children Panel since 1996.
  • Kim Stradling has been a Children Panel member since 1999
  • Sandy Powell has been a Children Panel member since 1992
  • David Howell-Richardson has been a Children Panel member even longer!

Together this means that we have over 80 years of Children Panel Membership.

This makes us one of the most experienced Child Law teams in Devon and Somerset

In that period we have all assisted clients to obtain good outcomes in quite a number of cases. Sometimes the very best outcomes are impossible. At all times, we have worked hard to help their client achieve the best that is possible.

For more information about the Law Society Child Law Accreditation Scheme use the following link;