Our approach to Divorce

_MG_5168We take an outcome focused approach to Divorce

Outcome focused Divorce

This is to focus on the final outcome. In other words;

  • Achieving a final Decree Absolute of Divorce in the least antagonistic way possible.
  • Ensuring that there is safety for our client and their children.
  • Achieving a fair financial settlement (The Law is clear the the settlement must be fair-although this is not to say that there will different interpretations of what is a fair financial settlement).
  • Achieving good and sustainable arrangements for the children.

In doing so, we will ;

  • Avoid inflammatory language.
  • Help our client to where possible, avoid unnecessary disputes.
  • Remain child focused.
  • Remain committed to offer value for money.
  • Refer to other professionals as needed.

We will help our clients to find the best way to sort out what needs to be sorted out from the Divorce. This could be through;

  • Advising on Mediation
  • Collaborative Family Law
  • Solicitor led negotiation
  • Court Proceedings

The choice of a Solicitor to assist through this difficult time is very important. The best starting point is to meet and to discuss the best route forward.

Resolution Members and Divorce

We are enthusiastic members of Resolution. Ian Walker is the Chair of the Devon Region of Resolution. There are around 160 Resolution members in Devon. The Devon Resolution Committee represents Devon members of Resolution and we help members to keep up to date with good practice. We follow the Resolution Code of Practice