Ian Walker - Getting togetherGetting together

Starting a relationship is normally fairly straightforward when you are young and if you have limited resources. As people get older it becomes more complicated. This is because of one or more of the following factors;

• Previous Divorce

• Children [both dependent and independent]

• Dependent parents

• Inheritances

• Wealth that has been built up before the relationship including pensions.

Complicating issues

At Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors we are aware of the various complicating issues.

What will happen if one of you dies or if the relationship does not work out?

• What rights will you have given up?

• Where will you live?

• Where will your children or other dependents live?

• Will your children challenge your Will? [If you made one?]

• If you didn’t make a Will, did your children/grandchildren receive what you wanted them to?

Problems are less likely to arise if you predicted what they might be and planned a way to avoid them

At Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors we can assist you in the following ways;

• Advice; Knowing what the problems could be is an important step in avoiding them.

• Prenuptial Agreements; We can help you prepare an agreement with your partner to protect you both in the event of a divorce

• Mediation/collaborative law can both be used to discuss together and find solutions to avoid future problems. For example both can be used to assist a couple decide what to include in their prenuptial agreement, or to help an older person and their adult children decide how to plan for the future together if a new relationship starts to become serious

 A team approach; as family lawyers or mediators we have some but not necessarily all the skills needed to find a way around problems. We will therefore work with a team of other professionals with relevant expertise including; Accountants, Financial planners, Wills and Probate Solicitors.