Ian Walker - Keeping you and your children safeKeeping you and your children safe

A relationship where one person is violent toward the other is not a loving relationship. If you think it is, you are kidding yourself.

Where there is abuse within a home, even if it is (just!) between parents it is impossible for children not to be aware of it and to be damaged by it.

We have seen cases where children have been removed from the care of their parents because the parent who is the victim of the abuse is unable to separate from the abusive partner and is unable to protect themselves and their children from abuse.

Ian Walker has a long track record in assisting clients who have been victim of domestic abuse, including where they have re-located from one part of the country to another in order to keep themselves and their children safe.

Ian is also accredited by the family lawyer’s organisation Resolution as a specialist in these type cases and in cases involving domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse rarely gets better if the victim does nothing. Indeed it invariably gets worse, much worse.

There is a lot of help out there, including from the Police, Social Services and Women’s Aid and other similar organisations.

All children need to grow up in a loving and safe environment. They are adaptable and will cope with changes if the prize is that safe and loving environment.

Failure to protect children may mean them suffering serious injury or psychological damage, and possible removal into the care system.

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