FMA and me

But, the decision has been made, and my resignation letter has been accepted. The problem, is that I simply cannot commit the time that would be required to make a fair contribution.

This has been a difficult decision. The National Bodies (including FMA, Resolution and the Law Society) all do very important work. When I was a member of the Law Society Family Law Committee, we seemed to be constantly responding to consultations about Legal Aid “reform”. I greatly enjoyed my 4 years on that Committee. Having decided to stand down as Chair of Devon Resolution following a full term in office, I thought I might again do something at a national level. At that point, I was still some way off founding Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors. It was a great honour to be elected.

Unfortunately, my membership of the Board, and capacity to take on jobs was overtaken by events. This is a particularly busy time in the Mediation World, as much work is going on behind the scenes to create a better governance of family mediation. This is all work that I fully support, but the problem is that if you cannot find the time to do your fair share, then more work lands on the shoulders of others. As a great believer in working together to maximize achievements, being an under performing team member is not a position that I wanted to be in, hence the decision to stand down. Doing all that has been required to set up and establishing this practice, has been more time consuming than I predicted. Ultimately the needs of my clients and the success of my business and of course my own family commitments have to come first.

Whilst sad, this is the best decision for all concerned. I will continue to be an FMA member and I wholeheartedly support it as an organisation, but my current priorities must remain closer to home.

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