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Our new website is live from 9 July 2020. It was impossible to perfect before we launched. Lots of new content will be coming over the next few months. We are sorry that there are still a few unfinished pages. Please bear with us.

We have always had good feedback about our website. One thing that everyone likes is that we have tried to include a lot of helpful content.

In 2019 we took the view that the website (which was then nearly 7 years old) was looking a bit tired and was a bit wordy and not user-friendly in places. Rather than make substantial amendments to the old website we decided to start again.

Since then our design team has worked tirelessly to develop a website which we hope you will agree looks great and which is easy to navigate and which retains lots of good content. We think the new website also better reflects our growth. In the last two years our practice has more than doubled in size – both in terms of our team, but also in the area that we cover.

We have ambitious plans for the new website.

We will therefore be adding new pages and other content and tweaking existing pages on an ongoing basis. The original website took ages to write and then evolved over time and this version will evolve as well

There will be lots of improvements over the next couple of years– so please do come back – and please do forgive us if everything isn’t quite perfect at the moment.

The intention remains as with the original website to provide lots of helpful information about the practice of divorce and family law and children law and family mediation and family dispute resolution. At the end of the day – whilst the website contains lots of information – it is no substitute for seeking good legal advice.

Since Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors opened in 2013 we have built in our view one of the very strongest family law teams in the South-West. So, if you need some assistance, then please do give us a call… We are ready to help….

Thank you

Ian Walker

09 July 2020