How Do You End An Abusive Relationship?

The Christmas and New Year Holiday’s see a spike in in incidents of Domestic Abuse

There is an excellent article on the Guardian Website dated 31-12-13. There is a link to the full article below.

The reporter follows the Police and Domestic Abuse Court in Manchester over the holiday period

The Article highlights how difficult it is to break away from an abusive relationship,.

I have reproduced a portion below in Olive;

Christmas spike in domestic violence keeps courts busy on New Year’s Eve

Money tensions, unrealistic expectations and excessive alcohol consumption make Christmas a peak period for domestic abuse

…””Getting victims to go through with a prosecution is probably our biggest challenge,” said Harris, in an interview at GMP headquarters this week. “It can be frustrating, but when you consider that your average victim of domestic violence has been assaulted 20 or 30 times before they ever report it, it’s not so surprising.”

Increasingly, the CPS proceeds to trial without the co-operation of the victims, aided by “bodycams” worn by police officers who attend the scene, which record the state of the home and the victim just after the attack.

The Czech chef’s girlfriend was captured on such a camera on Sunday night, crying as she showed officers her injuries. “For a jury to see how fearful a woman is, perhaps she’s even bleeding, can have a big impact,” said Harris.

Out on patrol in Manchester in the early hours of Tuesday, DC John Armitage said he could not understand why so many of the victims he met not only refused to support prosecutions in the most wretched circumstances, but remained with their abusers. “Even in 10 years doing this job, I can’t put my finger on it why people go back,” he said.

“I can only put it down to vulnerability. Often people are depressed, they suffer from anxiety. They don’t want to be on their own. They often allow it to go on because they don’t know any different. Many women we meet have been abused by previous partners, too.”” 

Here is the link; Guardian Article dated 31-12-2013 about Domestic Abuse over Christmas Holiday

What assistance is there in Devon?

A good place to start is SAFE or Stop Abuse for Everyone. This is a Devon based charity. There is a 24 hour helpline 01392 667144 or a free local helpline on 0800 328 3070.  

Link to the to the Stop Abuse for Everyone website

Legal Advice is also a good idea.

Here is a list of Solicitors (including myself) who are in East and Mid Devon, who specialise in Domestic Abuse cases; East and Mid Devon Domestic Abuse Specialists September 2013

If there is an immediate danger, the best palace to start is 999 to the Police

Despite funding cuts over the last few years, there is still a good range of services to assist victims.

There is still Legal Aid to assist those escaping Domestic Abuse

Over the years we have dealt with many cases where there has been domestic abuse.

It rarely gets better over time.

Social Services are increasingly likely to intervene to remove children from homes where abuse is taking place.

Social Services will support parents who are seeking to protect themselves and their children.

If parents are not seen as protective, they risk having their children removed. If the children are young, there is a high risk of them being adopted.

Many take stock of their lives at the start of a year. If you know someone who is in an abusive relationship, please encourage them to do something about it.

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