Ian is running the London Marathon 2015

Ian is running the London Marathon 2015

As you can tell from the pictures and my profile, I like to go running to keep fit in my free time. Like many I have from time to time entered the public ballot for entry to the London Marathon. It has always been without success.

As well as the public ballot, places are also allocated to running clubs which are affiliated to UK Athletics.

This year Sidmouth Running Club was allocated one entry to the race and it is honour and good fortune to be the lucky recipient of the Sidmouth Running Club entry after a further ballot within the club. As a result I am now entry 22498 in the London Marathon.

The London Marathon is on 26 April 2015. I have a lot of training to do in the meantime. Having run the Taunton Marathon in 2007, I know just how far it is.   It will be a shame not to try and raise some money for a worthy cause and so I am now considering my good cause options. Update to follow!

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