Ian Walker – Solicitor/ Mediator/ Arbitrator/ Managing Director

International Family Law

We are solicitors and mediators based in the South-West of England. We therefore practice in the law of England and Wales.

We do not claim to have any expertise in the law of other jurisdictions.

As the world gets smaller and more connected, increasing numbers of cases do have an international element.

We can assist clients whose cases have an international element. We can do this by working with lawyers who have expertise in the alternative jurisdictions relevant to a case.

Overseas clients

We also act on occasions for clients who do not live in the UK concerning their cases where the the jurisdiction law of England and Wales is accepted as being the appropriate jurisdiction. This could include for example cases where one of the couple is living in England and Wales and the other is overseas. This could also include cases where both of the couple are temporarily living overseas but are returning to England and Wales.

We can meet with clients through videoconferencing and this means that it is now easy to assist clients who are living out of our area including overseas.

Identity checks (as required by UK law) have historically been a problem with overseas clients. We have recently adopted the use of technology which enables us to check a client ID have remotely – which enables us to complete client due diligence more easily.

International Family Law