Khendra Porter

Khendra squareKhendra Porter Paralegal.

Khendra has joined us in the role of Paralegal.

Khendra is a former specialist family Solicitor who qualified in 2002 before retiring in 2008 to have 4 children. Khendra is not currently on the Solicitors Roll, but if all goes well we hope to support her with a return to practice.

As a Solicitor, Khendra worked for Spearpoint Franks Solicitors in Brighton.

Khendra undertook all aspects of family law work including ; relationship breakdown whether divorce, annulment or separation, and the related financial proceedings; matters involving their children including residence, contact, financial support and specific issue applications;  Khendra also undertook a large amount of public law family work, representing parents from initial child protection case conferences through to final Hearings.

Khendra is not currently on the Solicitors Roll and is not working as a Solicitor. Her role is to assist the practicing lawyers in our team.

It has been a long while since Khendra practiced as a Solicitor, so it would be unfair on her for her to immediately return to practice. However during 2018 we will be bringing Khendra’s legal knowledge back up to date with a view to her returning to practice as a Solicitor when the time is right. In the meantime, Khendra will be an indispensable member of our backroom team.