We are looking for the right people to join our team

I am currently in the process of reviewing the business plan for Family Law and Mediation Limited which trades as Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors.

One conclusion that I have reached is that there is a good and ongoing demand for our services in Honiton, East Devon and Taunton and Exeter. It also seems that there is good scope to be able to grow the business. This is a very good situation to be in.

I am holding back on implementing some good plans to increase our profile until I have in place the right plans/systems to enable me to meet increased demand and caseload effectively.

I am therefore interested in meeting one or more of the following:

It goes without saying that all will either need to already be members of Resolution or willing to join and be committed to the Resolution Code of Practice.

Our head office is in Honiton, next to the A 30 and 12 minutes from the edge of Exeter and 30 minutes from the centre of Taunton. Honiton will remain our administrative centre and so successful candidates would be based in Honiton but would be willing and able to travel to Taunton and Exeter on a regular basis.

The Solicitor Role

I am fairly open-minded. It would be good to have someone on board who is willing to work on a fee share basis and to help to develop the legal side of the business.

There could  be “partnership” prospects in the long term.

The Paralegal Role

I am particularly looking for someone who has good organisational skills and experience of legal aid. Ideally someone who also has experience of childcare work.

The successful candidate may be from a secretarial background or they might be someone who has some other administrative of experience.

I was looking for someone who would hopefully be a long-term member of the team and who would be integral to our future growth. Administrational/organisational/computer skills are all essential. There would also be client work.

I am not able to offer any training contracts. I appreciate that training contracts are very hard to come by ( two hard) but the ideal candidate probably wouldn’t be someone who has completed their legal practice course and is looking for experience as part of their search for a training contract.

On the other hand the successful candidate may have long-term aspirations to qualify as a Legal Executive and have the qualities to succeed as such.

The Mediation Role

So far as the mediator is concerned, I am a mediation supervisor with Resolution and would provide mediation supervision for the successful candidate.

A mediator who is approved to undertake MIAM meetings would be ideal.

The role may suit also someone who practices as a solicitor but wishes to improve their mediation skills/be able to offer say a day for mediation each fortnight.

But I am also open to seeing people who have undertaken mediation training but who have not be able to gain much experience in undertaking actual mediation. In fact I am fairly open-minded!

I will need to see a full curriculum vitae

Please send me your CV and a covering letter telling me:

Personal applications only. All will be treated in the strictest confidence. No agencies

Please send me an email: ianwalker@familylawandmediation.co.uk

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