Med-Arb: the perfect combination for family dispute resolution

_MG_5336Med-Arb: the perfect combination for family dispute resolution

We are now offering clients an innovative way to resolve their divorce issues. This is through a scheme combining mediation (to achieve negotiated solutions) with arbitration (to guarantee finality).

In the scheme, I will normally be the mediator.

We have a panel of highly respected Arbitrators, namely:

Excellent Feedback from our launch

On 26 January we launched the scheme to local solicitors and received excellent feedback.

I was joined by Karin: Who is a member of the National Committee of Resolution and its Dispute Resolution Committee and by Barbara Corbett who is the reigning Jordan’s Family Law Partner of the Year.

Me and Karin are in the pictures below. Barbara took them

Our scheme offers a much better option to going to Court and also to normal family mediation: because the built in route to arbitration will secure certainty.

There is much more about it on our website


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