Mediation-Arbitration has arrived in Devon and Somerset

Ian Walker Family SolicitorWe all know that Court proceedings are very expensive and slow. Most clients are exhausted and deflated by the outcome.

The cost of a contested court process can easily be £15,000 – £20,000 per person. Dealing with a divorce and financial issues can easily take over a year.This is unaffordable or unacceptably costly for most families.

Traditional legal practice can also stoke mistrust and bad relations between separating couples. This can be very damaging for any children stuck in the middle.

But traditional Family Mediation cannot guarantee agreement. Clients can be lost without legal advice or their solicitors. Financial disclosure can be poor. If there is no agreement cost and time have been wasted.

Collaborative Law has not been the answer.

Mediation-Arbitration provides a clear path to definite solutions

But we can now offer a process Med-Arb which is quicker and cheaper than Court – with legal advice integral.

Med-Arb: Integrating Advice/Representation with Mediation and Arbitration

I am quadruple qualified as a Solicitor, Family Mediator, Civil Mediator and Arbitrator.

I am one of only a handful of practitioners who are quadruple qualified as a Solicitor, Family Mediator, Civil Mediator and Arbitrator.

I have combined my knowledge of all four disciplines to create a model which provides a clear pathway to an early settlement.

The process is designed so that if the mediation fails, then the case is pretty much ready to proceed to Arbitration. This avoids significant delay.

In most cases that don’t settle the issues will have been sufficiently narrowed so a paper arbitration will be sufficient. But if not – then you are ready for a final -legally binding- Arbitration Hearing.

No need for FDA, FDR and Final Hearing over a further 6+month.

Suitable for Fixed Fees

Everyone has clear roles and jobs. This means that the process can be offered to clients as a mostly fixed fee scheme (a final attended arbitration hearing is more difficult to predict and therefore price at the outset – but fixed fees can be agreed when the issues are clear.

Financial disclosure is best looked after by Solicitors.

The Mediator can best focus the clients into a problem solving mind-set. Everyone works together rather than against each other.

Fixed Fee divorce is only really possible when there is a very clear piece of work. This makes that possible.

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Our Panel of Arbitrators

We will be working with a panel of arbitrators who are all accredited members of IFLA and the CIArb (like myself). These are:

Karin Is a member of the Resolution National Committee and is Chair of Resolution’s Dispute Resolution Committee. She is also a Mediator and PPC (mediator supervisor).

The scheme allows freedom to instruct other arbitrators. Our panel members are all familiar with our scheme and all willing to work on the basis of fixed fees.

We are also pleased to say that some very experienced solicitors have agreed to represent clients in support of the scheme. Full details can be found in our brochure, together with the fee scheme.


More information can be found at our website at:



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