Our Team

We are one of the leading firms of Family Law Solicitors in Devon and Somerset.

Photo of Ian Walker
Ian Walker
Director/Solicitor/Mediator /Arbitrator Law Society Children Panel and Mediation Accredited
Lauren Preedy
Lauren Preedy Senior Associate Solicitor and Head of Divorce Team Rate per hour £280+ VAT
Bridget Garrood
Bridget Garrood Consultant Solicitor -High Net Worth Divorce and LGBT+ Specialist Rate per hour £280 + VAT
Kim Stradling
Kim Stradling Senior Consultant Solicitor - Member Law Society Children Panel - Leading Child Law Expert Rate per hour £250 + VAT
Kris Seed
Kris Seed Senior Associate Chartered Legal Executive / Head of Private Law Children Team Rate per hour £250 + VAT
Sandy Powell
Sandy Powell Associate Solicitor - Resolution Financial Provision Accredited – Law Society Children Panel Rate per hour £250 + VAT
Fiona Griffin
Fiona Griffin Consultant Solicitor / Resolution Accredited Specialist / Collaborative Family Lawyer Rate per hour £230 + VAT
David Howell-Richardson
David Howell-Richardson Consultant Solicitor/Mediator - Law Society Family Law and Mediation Accreditations Rate per hour £250 + VAT
Karen Elliott
Karen Elliott Consultant Chartered Legal Executive – Divorce Specialist Rate per hour £230 + VAT
Nicole Phare
Nicole Phare Consultant Solicitor Rate per hour £230 + VAT
Mai Mbye
Mai Mbye Trainee Solicitor Rate per hour £120 + VAT
Briony Phillips
Briony Phillips Trainee Legal Executive Rate per hour £120 + VAT
Tommy Fox
Tommy Fox Trainee Solicitor Rate per hour £120 + VAT
Lydia Murray
Lydia Murray Trainee Solicitor Rate per hour £120 + VAT
Julie Cornwell
Julie Cornwell Child Consultant Rate per hour £120 + VAT
Paul Jacobs FCCA
Paul Jacobs FCCA Finance Manager - Management Accountant Rate per hour £250 + VAT
Leanne Cornock-Stark
Leanne Cornock-Stark Practice Manager Rate per hour £120 + VAT
Abby Cribb
Abby Cribb Client Service Manager Rate per hour N/A