New rules for evidence of domestic abuse for Legal Aid

_MG_5336New rules for evidence of domestic abuse for Legal Aid

From April applicants seeking legal aid as victims of domestic abuse will be allowed to use use evidence up to 60 months old.

This change follows the Court of Appeal’s in a recent decision in a case  which held that the original 24 month time limit was invalid.

This is great news for victims of abuse and their children.

Abusers do not become no risk if they do nothing to address their behaviour for 2 years! shame the rules were so arbitrary in the first place

More changes to come?

Apparently the changes are only interim and will be replaced by further regulations following discussions domestic violence groups. We will have to wait and see. Some progress for now anyway.

Ask Carrie

Our new Solicitor Carrie Meikle who is based at our office in Honiton. If you need assistance please give Carrie a call

Child contact after domestic abuse or social services intervention

Often there are problems with child contact after a parent has fled domestic abuse. Other times social services become involved.

Myself, Karen and Carrie have considerable experience of successfully assisting clients in these types of case. I have been a member of the Law Society Children Panel for 20 years this year. If you need help, give us a call.

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