stef 3On Monday 30 October our specialist team family lawyers was further strengthened by new addition Stephanie Hinde who joins us as a consultant solicitor.

Stephanie joins us from Somerset firm Pardoes, with whom she trained. Stephanie was previously based at their offices in Taunton and Bridgwater.

Educated in Somerset, Liverpool and Paris

Stephanie has a strong academic background. Before gaining a good LLB English and French Laws with French Language degree at the University of Liverpool, Stephanie was educated at Bridgewater College and Haygrove School, Bridgwater. Her degree involved spending a year Universite Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris, France. Not surprisingly Stephanie is a fluent French speaker.

After university gained a commendation for her Legal Practice Course before undertaking her solicitors training contract with Pardoes.

Stephanie’s special expertise

Stephanie chose to specialise in family law after qualification and her particular expertise is in representing clients in divorce proceedings with particular interest in representing teachers. Having previously undertaken voluntary work in a classroom assistant role at Penrose Special Needs School in Bridgwater and having at one point considered teaching as an alternative career path, Stephanie has particular insight into the additional demands and stresses upon teachers at times of relationship breakdown.

To the same end, Stephanie has gained an understanding of the stresses upon parents whose children have special needs and the additional problems this can lead to when arranging fair child arrangements –  which are focused upon the unique needs of the child – which can be lost sight of in times of parental dispute.

Part of our team

We are very pleased that Stephanie has chosen to join us. Her patient and methodical team working and commitment to the Resolution way of working should allow her to fit comfortably into our team.

At Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors we work as a team and with our recruitment policy and procedures we endeavoured to recruit new team members who will be another essential part of our team jigsaw.

One of the largest specialist family law teams in Devon and Somerset

Stephanie joining us means that our team now consists of 4 specialist solicitors (Ian, Kim, Carrie and Stef) together with chartered legal executive Karen.

This means we have 5 specialist family lawyers who are very ably supported by our paralegal/trainee solicitor Hannah and client care manager Beth. This means that we are now one of the larger family law teams in Devon and Somerset, and we have room for more growth yet.

Give Stephanie a call

Stephanie will be meeting clients in both Honiton and Taunton.

To arrange a meeting call our administration number 03339390188 or either: 01404 819098 or 01823 429183



Chair of Devon Resolution (again)

I was very proud to be asked by the Devon Resolution Committee to stand for re-election at our recent AGM and then to be re-elected for a further 3 year term in office.

I think this a recognition of our success in promoting the aims of Resolution which are founded on sensible advice and working together with other professionals to achieve good outcomes for our clients.

Devon Resolution has around 170 members. We are one of the largest regions of Resolution

Devon Resolution Conference 2018

Our main event is a conference which attracts around 120/140 lawyers each year to share quality training and to catch up with each other in a relaxed environment. Having good relationships with other solicitors helps sensible negotiations to take place. This save clients time and expense and stress.

We decided to hold our own conference in 2015 because none of the major family Law conferences ever seem to come to Devon, and it can be a long way to travel to get to them.

Our keynote speakers have so far included Mr Justice Baker, HHJ Robertshaw and National Resolution Chair Nigel Shepherd.

Our speakers have included: Sir Peter Singer, Sue Jacklin QC, Valentine Le Grice QC, Andrew Bagchi QC, Susan Campbell QC, Christopher Sharp QC, Kate Brannigan QC, Chris Wagstaff QC , Will Tyler QC ,Charles Hyde QC.

The conference is very popular and we are now in the process of putting together our best and most prestigious conference yet for 2018.

11 May 2018 – save the date

It will be held on the 11 May 2018

So far our list of speakers will include; Margaret Heathcote (Who will be Resolution Chair in 2018) Claire Wills-Goldingham QC and more to follow.

Family Solicitors … save the date….


_MG_5336What is a fair price to pay for family law legal services?

We are a practice that is very open about how much we charge for our services. Unlike most practices we publish our charge out rates on our website. Most solicitors do not publish their charge rates. Clients only find out how much they will be charged if they ask when making an initial appointment or at that  initial appointment.

The promise of a free initial meeting can be used to get new clients into the solicitors office. They can then find themselves putting a foot on a conveyor belt of charging which they haven’t necessarily contemplated or have researched alternatives.

We will talk about “free interviews” below, but first of all we will talk about hourly charging rates.

How much do senior solicitors charge in Exeter and Taunton?

We carried out some discreet research this summer and found that the “going rate” for senior solicitors in Exeter and Taunton (mostly at partner level, but not all) is currently around £250 + VAT per hour. The highest hourly rate we were quoted was £295 + VAT per hour. There were several in between.

These were all experienced solicitors, but we also found that other senior solicitors who were charging less. Some of these would in our view be equally competent, the difference being that they worked for smaller practices or were based outside of Exeter or Taunton.

For the record, I currently charge £200 plus VAT per hour. I am a solicitor who has been qualified for 24 years. I am a member of various accreditation panels and have also served as a member of the national Law Society Family Law Committee which represents the solicitors profession in consultations on law reform. I am the current chair of the Devon region of the family solicitors organisation Resolution. My team charge less than me.

Why the difference?

Reasons to justifying/ explaining higher charges could be:

  • Particular expertise
  • Large city centre offices and firm infrastructure is expensive and this needs to be funded.
  • Firms may charge the time of family lawyers at a comparable level to those undertaking commercial work.
  • The owners of the practices may have a greater expectation of making profits to smaller firms and will set their lawyers fee targets each year which can more easily be met with higher charge rates.
  • They believe that their clients are willing to pay more for their prestige.

Having worked in larger city centre practices I know full well the pressure within firms to make billing targets.

However there are other factors.

We subscribe to a family law legal library and practice support service which contains around 40 books and periodicals and also gives us access to practice support including case law updates, precedents,webinars,  library research and helpful materials for clients. As a service it is not cheap, but as it is charged on a firm rather than user basis, it is the sort of thing that larger specialist teams will have, but smaller and more general practices will not have. For a lawyer, this type of thing is invaluable, but it is part of the firms overheads, which needs to be paid for, one way or another.

Good lawyers can prefer the comfort and security of working in bigger practices and can demand higher salaries as well. Although it is definitely not the case that all good lawyers work in large city centre practices. Indeed, many smaller niche practices (like us) have been founded by lawyers fed up with the demands of working for larger practices and set up by themselves so that they can offer their services to clients in a more flexible and less expensive way.

Keeping our charges down

We aim to offer city centre excellence, but in a more accessible and less expensive way


_MG_5336As a family law arbitrator, I am also a member of the Forum of Family Arbitrators As Well as being a member of IFLA (Institute of family Law arbitrators).

The forum hosts regular meetings of fellow family Law arbitrators. Attached to this posting is a video of a lecture about arbitration given by HHJ Donald Cryan at the City Law School on 30 March 2017. The lecture itself lasts just over an hour with discussion of 20 minutes afterwards. It is well worth watching.

Arbitration is gaining momentum

The message is that arbitration is a very good option in family cases and that its use is (slowly) gaining momentum. Family Law Arbitration is a process which has the support of the senior judiciary including the most senior family judge – The President of the Family Division His Honour Sir James Munby – who I had the privilege to hear speak about arbitration at the launch of the IFLA  child law arbitration scheme last year.

Essentially arbitration involves instructing a private judge (a senior very experienced lawyer who is qualified as an arbitrator) who will make a legally binding decision after a tailored process – which can include paper submissions or a private hearing.

For more information about arbitration please see the arbitration pages on our website.


_MG_5336In the next couple of weeks the Legal Aid Agency will finally be launching the tender process for new Legal Aid contracts to run from 2018. Those providers wishing to offer/ continue to offer a legally aided service for both family law and for family mediation from May 2018 will need to tender for new contracts.

This tender process has been much delayed and we are pleased that it will finally be happening.

From what we understand, we should meet the expected criteria for family law and family mediation:

  • We hold the specialist quality mark of the Legal Aid Agency
  • We have 2 Children Panel Members and 2 Resolution Accredited Specialists
  • Ian is accredited as a mediator with the Law Society and Family Mediation Council

This is the third tender process and the previous one was the trigger for the foundation of Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors.

That there is a broad and accessible supplier base is important to allow clients to access justice.

Training for members of Devon Resolution

Together with the Committee of Devon Resolution (of which I am Chair), we have organised some training to assist members of Devon Resolution to get their tenders right.

We are fortunate to have arranged the training with Matt Howgate who is a Legal Aid expert and is the main trainer for the Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LAPG).

The training will be on 13 October in Exeter. Devon Resolution members should already have received notice. If you are a Devon Resolution member and didn’t get my email about the training, please let me know asap.

The training is particularly aimed at those and their deputies who will be responsible for preparing, checking and submitting their firms tenders



I first achieved membership of the Law Society Children Panel in 1996. The scheme is now called the Law Society Child Law Accreditation Scheme.

Membership of the Children Panel used to be for 5 year terms. It is now 3 years at a time. The accreditation and reaccreditation process is rigorous and the current reaccreditation process is perhaps the most stringent yet. This is important because Children Panel Membership means that I am able to represent vulnerable children in court proceedings.

Child Law Expert

Membership means that I can genuinely call myself a child law expert.

I was therefore very pleased to receive my latest accreditation certificate today. (below)

That’s 21 years continuous membership, which will be 24 years when panel membership is up for renewal again.

I am also a Child Law Arbitrator and am qualified to make legally binding decisions in disputes between parents.

With Kim Stradling, we have two children panel members in our team. If all goes to plan Carrie Meikle should hopefully be able to gain membership by the end of 2018.

Children Panel Certificate


_MG_5336I founded my own practice with a mission statement to practice family law in a progressive and innovative way.

We are committed to family law and the use of mediation and the principles of Resolution. We are genuine team: Personality is very important.

We all need to work together and enjoy each others company. We have a flat structure and make good use of IT and cloud based technology. This means that we are adaptable and flexible.

Home working and smart working is encouraged. As specialists we know our area of work and can innovate. We are not competing against other departments or inertia in a multi discipline practice.

But we are serious lawyers who want to be the best at what we do. We have access to a premium law library and practice support. Gaining and maintaining panel memberships is encouraged.

There are definite partnership opportunities.

We have been successful in generating a good flow of both Legal Work and Mediation Work and there are clearly opportunities to generate more. We are receive referrals from satisfied clients and by word of mouth.

In the last four and half years we have come a long way and there is clearly room for further growth.

We have the following opportunities:

Solicitor: divorce and finance specialist

We are looking for a solicitor with:

  • Good academic background.
  • Good grounding in divorce/finance law (ideally within a larger practice/team)
  • Good IT skills
  • A team player with sense of humour
  • Passion for family law

Genuine long term opportunities.

Solicitor: Experienced – Fee Share

We are looking for solicitors with:

  • Good and experienced family law specialists with a track record
  • Probably with partnership experience but fed up with glass ceilings, partnership politics, management – who just want to do the work they enjoyed doing in the first place without having to put up with the nonsense.
  • A desire to work flexibly and willingness to fee share
  • Good IT skills
  • A team player
  • Passion for family law

Genuine partnership opportunity if wanted.

Flexible working -including homeworking – but you will need to come into the office in Honiton for a day each week. You will be based in Devon or Somerset.

Help me grow the business and have greater control of your future.

Accredited Mediator /Mediator working towards accreditation

We would also be pleased to hear from MIAMs approved and accredited Mediators or mediators working toward this.

You would able to help grow our mediation service.

Ian is a Resolution PPC and Law Society Accredited Mediator who has assisted other mediators with their portfolio and to gain accreditation. We have co-working opportunities.

Small and Relaxed

We are looking for the right personalities, who are able to work hard and effectively but can have a laugh at the same time.

Ideally we will have a team of around 8 lawyers. We want to be a team, working for each other, with the ability to adapt to changes in the market. Neither too big or too small, but just right!

Realistic Targets

We like fee sharing: the advantage of fee sharing is the we are not going to pressure you to earn fees of £150,000 or more. We will work together for our mutual long term advantage.

Be part of our journey?

Please send your CV and covering letter to Ian at

Being open minded and creative (see our values); we are certainly very willing to consider any opportunities which may arise. We are recruiting for long term growth.

Committed to Legal Aid

Our Legal Aid Mediation Contract allows us to work from locations in; Exeter, Honiton, Exmouth, Cullumpton, Taunton, Okehampton, Torquay, Totnes and Plymouth. To do this we had to identify inexpensive offices/rooms which are similar to our headquarters in Honiton.

Our full Legal Aid contract for family services is from our office in Honiton, in the East Devon catchment area. Our SQM was renewed in 2016 and we are all set for the new round of tendering in 2017 for 2018 legal aid contracts.

Non-legally aided work is not limited to any geographic location.

No agencies

No consultants



We are very pleased to welcome Hannah Elliott to our team. Hannah

Hannah started with us on 31 July 2017. She will be supporting our team with case management.

Hannah graduated from Exeter University this year with a good 2:1 Law Degree. She had a particular aptitude for Family Law and one of her tutors was David Tyzack QC, who was for many years the senior family Judge in Exeter. We know that Exeter University has a strong reputation for family law and members of the academic team are also members of Devon Resolution.

To qualify as a solicitor Hannah needs to next pass the Legal Practice Course (LPC) which she will be studying part time from September at the University of Law in Bristol. She will then have 2 years on the job training: (a training contract), although we would hope to have this time reduced for the knowledge she gains in the next 2 years.

Educated in East Devon

Hannah was educated in East Devon and attended Axe Valley Community College.

Hannah has good principles

We have been impressed that Hannah is a compassionate person who likes helping others. Hannah’s volunteering has included helping with a soup preparing and serving food to the homeless people in Exeter  and which has also included volunteering with the Human Rights Brigade in Panama in June 2015. Hannah says: 


_MG_5336The Ministry of Justice’s statistics bulletin for legal aid between January to March, published on 30 June 2017, shows that the number of Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting has fallen fell sharply since The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, (LASPO) which was introduced in April 2013.

Four years on, the number of Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAM) carried out under legal aid stands at around half of pre-LASPO levels.

Before LASPO, clients could not receive a legal aid certificate to cover the cost of their representation at court unless they had first considered mediation, subject to certain exceptions.

LASPO saw significant changes to the scope of family legal aid – with it being withdrawn from many family cases (unless there was independent evidence of domestic abuse or risk to a child from the other party)

The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012

The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, which was introduced in April 2013, made no changes to the scope of legal aid for facilitating mediation. Legal aid was also kept for facilitating mediation information and assessment meetings (MIAMs). At the time, the expectation was that the volume of mediation would increase.

Mediators with legal aid contracts have been saying for a long time that the volume of legally aided mediation has fallen and that far from encouraging families to mediate – the effect of LASPO has been to cause a significant reduction in the volume of legally aided mediation.


_MG_5336On Monday, 8 May 2017 I attended the resolution PPC forum in London. A PPC is a Professional Practice Consultant. Essentially this is a mediators supervisor. I am a PPC and supervise other mediators. I also have my own PPC.

Every year the family solicitors organisation: Resolution hold a meeting in London – the PPC forum – to update Resolution PPC’s on developments in the mediation world. It is also a good opportunity to catch up with some old friends.

The world of mediation is quite small. There are only 1000 mediators registered with The Family Mediation Council – there were around 1200 last year. There are only 707 accredited mediators.

This year we heard a presentation from Robert This year we heard a presentation from Robert Creighton of the Family Mediation Standards Board. We also discussed the possibility of a new code of conduct for PPC’s.

Another topic of interest was legal aid contracts. The tendering process for legal aid contracts for mediation from 2018 has been delayed by the general election. However, during the session devoted to legal aid a number of mediation services confirmed that they have given up their legal aid contracts already or have no intention of bidding for new legal aid contracts. It was also noted that the amount of legally aided mediation has reduced because of changes and sometimes lack of changes to the legal aid means test.

We have noticed an increase in the number of mediation referrals that we have received this year – but less there are less clients who get through the means test to qualify for legal aid than there would have been a couple of years ago.

It is our intention to continue to offer a legally aided mediation service. We are the only mediation service that is based in East Devon – in Honiton and we are regularly seeing mediation clients in Taunton.

If you are interested in finding out about family mediation then please let us know. We also offer an innovative scheme which combines mediation with arbitration