Ian squareCharges

Unlike most Solicitors firms we are happy to publish our charges.

Legal services are expensive. But our hourly rates are lower than very many comparable practices.

We charge a fair price for our services. We are open about how we charge. Part of our overhead is investing in the best legal library and practice support service available for family lawyers.

You should also read our Fair Charging Policy – this explains in detail how we charge and why we don’t offer a “free” half hour.

Ian’s normal Hourly rate for Legal Advice is £220 + VAT. In comparison, Partners with Solicitors firms in Exeter and Taunton who are charging between  £250/£300 +VAT per hour.

The other lawyers in our team are charged at £180 -£200 +VAT per hour which is very competitive.

Our Charges

Here are our charges:

Team member/Meeting Rate/Fee Notes
Ian Walker
£220 plus VAT per hour Hourly Rate
(When acting as a mediator or arbitrator each client pays for one half of Ian's time in connection with the process)
Sandy Powell
Associate Solicitor
£200 plus VAT per hour Hourly Rate
Kim Stradling
Consultant Solicitor
£200 plus VAT per hour Hourly Rate
David Howell-Richardson
Consultant Solicitor
£200 plus VAT per hour Hourly Rate
Carrie Meikle
Associate Solicitor
£180 plus VAT per hour Hourly Rate
Karen Elliott
Consultant Chartered Legal Executive
£180 plus VAT per hour Hourly Rate
Stephanie Hinde
Consultant Solicitor
£180 plus VAT per hour Hourly Rate
Paralegal £120 plus VAT per hour Hourly Rate
Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) with Ian Walker £100 plus VAT For a meeting of up to 1 hour
Initial Legal Meeting (one hour meeting including advice) £100 plus VAT For a meeting of up to 1 hour
Pay-as-you-go Legal Advice Hourly Rates Please ask for more details
Legal Aid Available for children and family law and for family mediation Unless the case is brought by Social Services, Legal Aid is subject to a means test. Evidence of abuse may be needed in non mediation cases

If you are thinking about making an appointment, if available we are happy to have a preliminary chat with you on the phone.

We cannot give you advice without meeting you.

How do we keep our hourly charges competitive?

We can keep our charges so competitive because:

  • We keep our overheads as low as we can. (but we have invested in a top level family law library and legal practice support service).
  • We have avoided basing our administrative hub in a city centre.
  • Our administrative hub based in a business centre in Honiton (good parking, IT, good catchment: cheaper than city centre alternative) and we use our other offices purely for client meetings. This allows us to cover a wide area without the costs of a traditional branch network.
  • We have outsourced admin/support tasks where this saves us money
  • We are a team, so can deal with work efficiently between us

Our growing  family law team is now the largest in Honiton and surrounding area. Our team is bigger than most Exeter / Taunton family law solicitors.

We use the same top level specialist family law library and legal practice support service that is used by many leading family law solicitors nationally.

But how we charge is not just about Charging rates. It’s also about avoiding unnecessary work. We are open and transparent about what we charge.

It is very easy for Legal Costs to spiral out of control.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to identify the overall outcome that you want to achieve. We will then assist you to achieve a realistic outcome that achieves as much of what you want as possible, but which does not lose sight of any relevant children.

We try to avoid futile side disputes and focus on the main issue.

We are committed to the use of Negotiation and Mediation and Collaborative Law where it be most effective. If going to Court is the best option, then our aim will be to progress the case to a Final Hearing as soon as possible.

Initial Meetings

If you are eligible for Legal Aid, then we will want you to be able to successfully apply for Legal Aid at our initial meeting. We are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency, both for Family Law and Family Mediation.

If you qualify for Legal Aid and provide us with the correct evidence, then initial meetings are Free.

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, then we do make a modest charge of £100 + VAT for an initial one hour long meeting.

Full details are on the initial meetings page. We do not offer a free 15 minute or 20 minute or 30 minute initial meeting because that does not allow enough time to properly understand your matter. We feel an hour is the right amount of time for an initial meeting.

We will send to you our full terms and conditions, charging details and other important regulatory information before our first meeting, so that everything is clear, including how we will look after your data.

We have no hidden charges.