_MG_5336Family Mediation Charges

Our Charges are set out below. We are contract with the Legal Aid Agency. For those who qualify for Legal Aid, Mediation is FREE.

For those who do not qualify for Legal Aid, our charges are based on a rate of £100 per person/per hour.

We add value over pure mediation services by Ian being a practicing specialist solicitor and an arbitrator (private judge). This allows Ian to be able to give up to date legal information on a neutral basis and to help clients to identify legal problems where specific advice is needed before solutions can be found.

Legal Aid for Mediation

If you receive Legal Aid for mediation, then we will be paid by the Legal Aid Agency. You will not be asked to pay anything.We have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency and will undertake a means assessment on their behalf.

Planning for Success

When setting up mediation, we will work out a format which will most likely to succeed in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

We will sometimes recommend that there is a single or longer meeting involving Solicitors. Usually there will be 2-4 meetings. It all depends. If we do not think that mediation is going to be helpful, we will not wish to proceed.

Legal Advice

Mediation is about making informed decisions. As a practicing Solicitor, Ian is able to recommend  that those taking part in mediation seek focused legal advice on the right questions at a point when advice is genuinely helpful to the making of decisions. This assists clients in getting best value for money from their Solicitors.

Family Mediation Meeting Charges What is included
Family Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) If you or the other party are eligible for Legal Aid Free An individual meeting with an approved Mediator to consider whether Family Mediation can assist you.
Family Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) £100+ VAT As above.
Court Application Form/FM1 £0 +VAT Included in our MIAM Fee
Court Application Form/FM1 If you or the other party are eligible for Legal Aid
Free Administration Charge for countersigning Court Application or providing Court Form FM1
Mediation Meetings if Legally Aided Free For the person eligible to receive Legal Aid for Mediation
Mediation Meeting
£110 + VAT per person per hour
Mediation Meeting. (Minimum charge £180 +VAT Each)
Mediation Summary (Children only) £110 + VAT per person per hour (typically up to 1 hour) Summary of Proposals following each Mediation Meeting
Mediation Summaries (All issues or finance) £110 + VAT per person per hour (typically up to 2 hours) Open Financial Summary and Summary of Proposals following each Mediation Meeting
Meetings with Children £60 + VAT per person per hour (if undertaken by Julie Cornwell)
£110 +VAT per person per hour if undertaken by Ian
(typically up to 1.5 hours - Minimum charge £150 + VAT per person)
Meeting with children to ascertain their views. Meeting for up to 1 hour + Note of views

Usually undertaken by our Child Consultant Julie Cornwell
All work based on hourly rate £110+VAT per hour per person All work charged on the basis on the hour divided into chargeable units of 6 minutes. Payment on account and thereafter by invoice
Hybrid Model of Mediation Either by on-going hourly rate of £110 +VAT or by Agreed Fee
Charges are per person.
If neither are Legally Aided, then the rates are based on £100 per person/per hour

Cancellation Charge – If a meeting is cancelled with less than 7 days’ notice we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of £150 + VAT per person.

We will provide copies of financial documentation disclosed in mediation to you and is to your solicitor or financial adviser if requested in electronic format via email. If paper copies are required then we will provide these at a charge of 5p per sheet

The cost of a drawn out Court process is likely to be £10,000-£15,000 or more, each for financial disputes.  Costs will be similar for disputes about children