Report of the Family Mediation Task Force

The Ministry of Justice has rightly been concerned by the impact of last year’s legal aid cuts to the uptake of family mediation. When cutting millions from the legal aid budget, ministers had overlooked that a significant proportion of family mediation started from solicitors with legal aid contracts for family law referring their clients to go to family mediation. the legal aid cuts removed for a vast number of people the initial type of legal aid, and so these referrals dried up. Many mediation services have been under significant pressure.

Earlier this year the Ministry of Justice set up a task force from different stakeholder organisations which it asked to advise as to how family mediation might be supported. The task force met four times and has now reported. Here is the report of the family mediation task force of June 2014

The ball is now back in the court of the Ministry of justice. there are some good recommendations.  I have reproduced them below. we wait to see what will happen.

From a personal point of view out mediation practice is busy and I am on the lookout for a mediator to join our service.

Summary of Recommendations made by the Family Mediation Task Force

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