Ian Walker - Mediation Funding

Mediation Funding

There is full information about how we charge in our charges section.

Remember, mediation is a process, rather than a meeting. A certain amount of paperwork is also needed. This means that on a non legal aid basis, a financial mediation will take 2 – 4 meetings and by the time all paperwork is taken into account, there will be costs of £900 – £2000 including VAT. Children mediation will normally cost less.

The starting point is the assessment meeting of 1 hour for which the charge will be £120 including VAT.

Legal Aid

Legal aid is still available for family mediation.

It is means tested. To qualify you need to provide us with evidence of your means for the last calendar month up to our meeting. If you think that you may qualify for legal aid then make sure you bring your evidence of means with you.

Here is link to the eligibility checker on the Legal Aid Agency website:


This link is to the legal aid financial eligibility checker:


Even if you haven’t mentioned legal aid – we will bring this up if it appears that you may qualify. However until you can demonstrate that you are eligible for legal aid we are entitled to charge for our time.