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Divorce is a Legal process and we believe that Mediation works best when the Mediator is also a practicing Solicitor.

Mediator and Solicitor

Our Solicitor-Mediator can assist by:

  • Setting up the meetings in a way which allows negotiations the best opportunity to succeed. Meetings will be structured in a way best suited to your needs.
  • Making sure negotiations are focused and fair.
  • Assisting you to complete the level of financial disclosure that Courts and Lawyers will expect.
  • Assisting you to access the information and advice you need to make informed decisions.
  • Our Solicitor-Mediator can give up to date legal information and will inform you if proposals are not what a Court would consider reasonable.
  • Our Solicitor-Mediator can assist you to access focused legal advice when you need it to make informed decisions.
    We can refer you to financial experts if needed to enable you understand the range of financial options.
  • Before joint proposals from mediation can become legally binding they need to be approved by a Judge. Our Solicitor-Mediator is not allowed to prepare a final Court Order because of rules which apply to all mediators, but he can make sure you have considered all relevant issues so that your mediated agreement is comprehensive and clear.

The cost of a successful mediation will be significantly less expensive than arguing in Court.


Divorce settlements need to be approved by a Judge to become binding

Divorce settlements need to be approved by a Judge to become binding


Advantages of a Specialist Family Law Solicitor and Mediator

When Companies resolve disputes through mediation they will take their lawyers with them to the mediation meeting.

In fact in most mediation that does not involve families, those in dispute routinely involve Solicitors in the mediation process to assist them to make informed decisions and to help them to protect their rights.

When  families break-up a different style of mediation is used. The couple and the mediator meet together. The couple will usually take legal advice between meetings. They will need lawyers to prepare the final Court Order which will make their joint solutions legally binding.

There is inevitably a risk that important legal issues will be missed or solutions will be unfair. A Mediator who is not a Specialist Family Law Solicitor may not realise that the couple are making mistakes.

Our Mediated Settlement Programme

Our Mediated Settlement Programme  offers flexibility. We are able to mediate using both the family model of mediation and the civil/commercial model of mediation. We will first of all meet with both of the couple and we will then decide together how best to proceed. This could be three way meetings, or with Solicitors or with different rooms.

Basically we will work out with you what is likely to work best.

Solicitor and Mediator

If we proceed without Solicitors present, you can have confidence that legal issues will not be overlooked.

Mediation is cheaper than arguing in Court

Arguing in Court can cost thousands of pounds. Can you afford not to join our Mediated Settlement Programme?

Our family mediation charges