Choosing a mediator

_MG_5351We have prepared a couple of checklists of things to look out for when choosing a solicitor or mediator.

People do sometimes “shop around”

It is important that you find someone you have confidence in and can work with.

Whatever you do, focus on expertise and experience over cost. It is often very difficult to predict costs and sometimes people are not as cheap as they think they are going to be.

For our part, we try to work with fixed fees where possible.

Choosing a mediator

There are lots of mediators around with different backgrounds and levels of experience. A lot of mediators have trained in the last few years and are still relatively inexperienced. Others may have trained a while ago, but have not really done much to pursue a career as a mediator.

Ian Walker has a longstanding commitment to helping families to resolve their own disputes.
What is also important is the mediator’s style and ability to build a relationship with the couple, who will be relying upon the mediator’s integrity and neutrality.

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You may have questions such as: How to choose the best mediator? How to find a mediator? Who chooses the mediator?How to check if a solicitor is registered UK? What are people looking for in a mediator?

We have created an FAQ’s page that can help answer those questions.