Lydia Murray - About Me

Lydia Murray
Trainee Solicitor Rate per hour £150 + VAT

I am a trainee solicitor currently assisting the private law children team. I work with the senior lawyers in managing their case load by keeping up to date with orders and preparing court documents.

My professional background

Before I joined the firm, I worked as a barrister’s clerk at Magdalen Chambers for two years. I worked for the family team in the management of the barrister’s diaries and assisting solicitors in choosing the right barrister for their client.

Throughout the role I learnt about the relationship between solicitor and barrister including what each side of the profession does on a day to day basis. I then joined this firm and worked as a paralegal for a year experiencing the differences in practice.

I enjoy working in a team and seeing what positive results we can achieve together for the benefit of our clients. I started my training contact in September 2020 as the next step in my career to practice as solicitor.

Why I chose a career in the law

I chose a career in law because I enjoy problem solving and analysing facts. I like to understand the reasons behind a problem so it can be appropriately addressed and resolved in the best way. I enjoy working with people and helping people navigate through difficult times.

What I most enjoy about my role

I like that my role is varied and that there is always something new to learn. I enjoy a challenge. I am beginning to develop a greater understanding of family law and it is great to be surrounded by like minded people who are always on hand to provide their support. I enjoy working with my colleagues to learn alternative solutions to problems.

My career highlight/career ambitions

I am aiming to complete my studies and training contact by late 2022 so I can begin my career as a family solicitor.

A tip that I can give to prospective clients

To be honest about what has happened and how you feel. This allows us to understand things from your point of view so we offer you the best service that supports you through what is often a really stressful and difficult time. We do not judge and are here to help move forward.

What I enjoy doing in my spare time

I am currently studying the LPC part time at the University of Law which is proving to be both challenging and interesting. I am refining my skills each week which are directly transferable to my current role. I am enjoying learning about other areas of law and how these intertwine with family law. When I do have spare time I love to see family and friends and to get outside.

Something that I have done in my spare time of which I am very proud

I received the Public Law International Law Award 2017 from the University of Exeter for the highest mark in the module for that year. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to study an area of law that I had no previous knowledge in. I am proud I was able to achieve this especially in my final year of my law degree.