Mai Mbye - About Me

Mai Mbye
Trainee Solicitor Rate per hour £150 + VAT

Mai Mbye joined us as a paralegal at the end of 2019 and formally commenced a training contract to become a solicitor during the summer of 2020.

Mai grew up in Bath but studied for her Law Degree and Masters Degree and Legal Practice Course in Birmingham.

Mai then gained experience with solicitors in Wiltshire and Bath including Stone King LLP.

We were very pleased that Mai agreed to relocate to Devon to train as a specialist family solicitor within our team.

Prior to moving to Devon Mai volunteered with Bath Welcomes Refugees which is a charity organisation that provides security to refugees who have often had to flee their own countries and are now living in Bath. Mai’s main role was to befriend them and offer as much support as she possibly can. Mai most recently supported a family who had moved from Syria.

Mai also volunteered with victim support as a service delivery volunteer and she has been a part of the Foulladou Foundation, which is an organisation that helps children in Gambia two access education and provide them with ongoing support. Mai’s responsibilities ranged from fund raising (to allow the Foulladou Foundation to build schools and wells for clean water), packing containers full of stationary and equipment, and engaging with the community to promote the charity values. This holds a high level of importance to Mai because it allowed Mai to help those less fortunate get the access to education which they deserve and is essential to shaping their futures.