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Ian Walker SolicitorThank you

We have had a busy start to 2018.

Here are some of our latest testimonials:

Thank you for your email and thank you for all your help in bringing about a return to a fairer childcare arrangement.  We have just spent a lovely weekend in xxxxxxxxx with the girls and it was such a relief not having to have the usual stressful negotiations regarding travel arrangements and the worry that everything would be cancelled last minute.(Ian)

Thank you very much for your help and advice (always constructive and realistic) including when dealing with other professionals whose conduct did not match yours. (Ian) 

Just a little note to say a huge thank you for your help and support on our case. (Kim)

Thank you for your advice and help. (Sandy)

Achieving sensible solutions

Family Law clients are invariably dealing with difficult and stressful events in their lives. Sometimes when you are in a difficult situation you “cannot see the wood for the trees”. In other words clients can get locked in the problem and find it difficult to take a step back and put the problem in perspective and identify what really needs to happen for it to be resolved. This is where sensible advice is fundamental.

It is easy to mirror the problem back to a client (tell them what they want to hear). Good advice requires telling clients what needs to happen to achieve a positive outcome. Sometimes this means telling clients that they need to do something different (and it is not just the other party that needs to change). Good advice can be unpalatable. A good professional will not shy away from this.

Our philosophy is to focus on solutions and what needs to happen to achieve these.

Always room for improvement

It is always nice to receive thanks from clients for a job well done.

Our philosophy is also for constant improvement and we always welcome constructive comment which helps us to see where our service can be improved. One of the focuses of our Practice Manager – Leanne Cornock-Stark is to look at client experience and to implement improvements when we identify something that can be done better.

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